The Journey of Exploration at STEM Fair – Vinschool Grand Park

Monday, 17/06/2024, 15:06 (GMT)

Vinschool Grand Park recently organized a special event, STEM FAIR, to ignite a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in students.

This event includes many creative experience stations. Each station is an opportunity for children to approach and practice STEM principles through hands-on and interactive activities.

Unique experience areas:

  • Science: Children can conduct fun science experiments, explore natural phenomena through a creative approach.
  • Technology: Introducing the latest technology through virtual reality activities and Robot control.
  • Engineering: Children learn mechanical engineering through movements from models.
  • Mathematics: Solve logic problems and practice math through interactive games.

This event not only helps students develop problem-solving skills but also provides them with a practical perspective on the application of STEM fields in everyday life.


STEM Fair at Vinschool Grand Park is an important step in the formation and long-term development of young resources for the future of science and technology. Please continue to support and follow upcoming school events to discover the unlimited possibilities of our students!