Experience outdoor lessons at Vinschool Grand Park Secondary & High School

Tuesday, 18/06/2024, 09:06 (GMT)

At Vinschool Grand Park Secondary & High School, students not only experience traditional classroom lessons but also have the opportunity to learn outdoors, especially in Biology lessons. This is a meaningful initiative, bringing many benefits to the comprehensive development of students.

In outdoor Biology lessons, students have direct access to specimens and natural phenomena such as trees, insects, ecosystems… Instead of just reading books and looking at pictures in class, Children can observe, research and experience reality. This not only helps children grasp knowledge in a vivid and easy-to-understand way, but also stimulates curiosity, observation ability and practical skills.

Furthermore, outdoor learning also brings many physical and mental benefits to students. Being exposed to fresh air and outdoor exercise, children have the opportunity to relax, escape the pressure of studying and physical exercise. This contributes to improving children’s health, increasing their concentration and interest in learning.

With an educational philosophy aimed at the comprehensive development of students, Vinschool always strives to bring creative and practical learning experiences such as outdoor Biology lessons. This is not only a unique initiative but also a testament to the quality of comprehensive education at the school.