Vinschool Welcomes Two New Campuses on Back to School Day

Thursday, 30/06/2022, 09:06 (GMT+7)

June 15, 2022 marks the official start date of the new academic year for Vinschool Kindergarten. In this school year of 2022-2023, Vinschool has also inaugurated two new campuses: Vinschool Ocean Park Kindergarten 2 and Vinschool Smart City Kindergarten 2, bringing the total number to 47 campuses across Vinschool Education System.

From the early morning, junior Vinsers were greeted by teachers with adorable miniature gifts. The children were thoroughly excited watching the extraordinary welcome art performance and the clowns’ magic show. The cozy, playful atmosphere full of laughter helped clear the children’s anxiety of the first day of school.

The school atmosphere was colorful and friendly with many lovely gifts on the first day of school.
Amusing clowns and magicians with “supernatural” abilities brought the little ones raucous laughter.
Attractive discovery stations were organized throughout the day. The children participated in many enriching activities to get to know their teachers and friends and the new learning environment.

Also on June 15, 2022, the second branches of Vinschool Ocean Park Kindergarten and Vinschool Smart City Kindergarten were officially put into operation. Students at Vinschool Ocean Park Kindergarten 2 and Vinschool Smart City Kindergarten 2 will study in the Advanced and Cambridge programs (for the Alvin cohort) in conjunction with the International Preschool Curriculum (IPC) exclusively implemented at Vinschool.

The two new campuses are located on the grounds of the metropolitan Vinhomes complex, boasting fresh ecological space and allowing for an ideal and safe learning environment for students.
Classroom space is filled with natural lighting. Learning supplies and materials are plentifully, suitably, and scientifically prepared and arranged for a wide range of subjects and age groups, with the aim to stimulate the senses, ready to create opportunities for children to explore and experience in their own unique ways.
The classroom is divided into different corners: Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, and Creative Arts. Students participate in small group sessions during Learning Center hours in their respective topics of interest.
The library is decorated and arranged in a children-friendly manner with hundreds of different book titles, selected according to educational topics including English books and Vietnamese books suitable for all age groups from nursery to kindergarten.
The STEAM Room is the children’s favorite area where hands-on activities occur. The children will conduct scientific experiments, applying learned knowledge and skills to solve fun tasks in different corners.
Every kindergarten campus has a “softplay” area. This continuously arranged indoor playground includes toys suitable for preschoolers, ensures safety and promotes physical mobility, while shielding them away from weather variability.

Ms. Thao Trang – Deputy Director of Vinschool Kindergarten – said: “Besides the annually scheduled learning program and topics, this year Vinschool will organize many other events and experiential activities for students to enjoy and promote opportunities for them to apply the knowledge gained from the curriculum. In addition, the school will host many activities to integrate and allow parents to be in lockstep with their children throughout the school year.”