Vinschool Ocean Park Kindergarten welcomes the first Vinsers

Wednesday, 23/09/2020, 08:09 (GMT+7)

On the morning of September 03, a new Vinschool facility named Vinschool Ocean Park Kindergarten officially began its operations. The teachers and students here had a very special school opening day together.

In Vinschool uniform red polo shirts, the little children were taken to their freshly built school in the early morning. Their Vinser life started from here.

Little children were taken to school in the early morning.
In the uniform red polo shirt, they started their first school day as Vinsers.

Vinschool Ocean Park Kindergarten covers an area of more than 4,000 sq. m and is part of the ecological Vinhomes Ocean Park complex. As one of the newest kindergartens within the Vinschool Education System, Vinschool Ocean Park has well-furnished rooms with modern facilities that meet students’ learning and recreation needs. Besides classrooms with computers, speakers and projectors serving teaching and learning, the school has specialized rooms such as the library, STEAM studio, art studio, sports complex and soft play area.

All classrooms are well-ventilated and designed to take full advantage of natural light. There is enough space for in-class activities, and student safety is ensured all the time.
This large, airy library with a wide variety of books will definitely be Vinsers’ favorite place.
The STEAM studio with modern facilities helps build up a passion for science among Vinsers.

Bui Duc Dong – a Vinser’s father, shared: “We couldn’t wait for the school opening day. I am personally impressed by the warm welcome of the school staff and all the nice-looking decorations here. The greeting staffs were professional and the precautions against COVID-19 are taken seriously. Thanks to the staff’s friendliness, my son adapted very quickly. I believe that the curriculum and teaching quality here would definitely make us parents satisfied as well. I wish all Vinsers good health and good conduct and for Vinschool further development”.