Vinschool Global Kids Challenge

Friday, 16/12/2022, 08:12 (GMT+7)

What qualities and capabilities does a “Global Kid” possess? How do we nurture the qualities and capabilities of a global citizen from Early Childhood?

In order to help our children discover and improve the core competencies and qualities of a global citizen, Vinschool Preschool presents the Vinschool Global Kids Challenge – a playground for preschoolers across the system to explore  the qualities and capabilities of a global citizen.

With diverse experiences, Vinschool Global Kids Challenge includes 4 topics on the core qualities and competencies of a global citizen, corresponding to international holidays around the world suitable for preschool children such as:

In this journey, Vinsers will join teachers and parents in the following series of activities:

Children will explore and learn about key global citizenship competencies through “Conversations at the beginning of the day” and integration activities in the learning programme.
The child and his/her parents carry out activities and challenges in the “Thematic Challenge List/Bucket Challenge” to reinforce and practice what the child has explored and learnt.
Parents share their child’s photos/videos with their teacher, or post on their personal Facebook page with the hashtag #Vinschool_GlobalKidsChallenge, to spread their child’s efforts on their journey to becoming a “Global Kid”.


Parents and teachers join in writing and sharing notes on the journey of developing children to become a “Global Kid”, thereby creating a cohesive educational community between family and school.

After a month of implementation, Vinschool Global Kids Challenge attracted the attention of many parents across the system with articles being shared about the journey with their children at home.

After excellently completing each journey, the children will receive impressive gifts such as a Badge collection, stars, stickers & certificates, a lot of story books, and school supplies…

The programme is held throughout the 2022-2023 school year, so to parents and Vinsers: Do not miss this great series of challenges!