Reliving the historical battle of Bạch Đằng through the visit to Vietnam National Museum of History

Monday, 11/01/2021, 17:01 (GMT+7)

Vinschool Times City T35 Primary School has recently organized a field trip to the Vietnam National Museum of History (VNMH) for its fourth-graders. This extracurricular activity aimed to facilitate the learning of national history through hands-on experience.

Experiential learning is an educational approach adopted by many subjects at Vinschool. In this particular field trip where the approach was applied, not only did students learn about Vietnam history and the historical battle of Bạch Đằng through the narratives of museum docents, but they also had a chance to appreciate authentic models, diagrams, and artifacts with their own eyes. Experiential learning has been proven to help students memorize facts better, improve their critical thinking skills, and develop a strong interest in learning.

This field trip is an interdisciplinary effort incorporating four different subjects: History, Geography, Vietnamese Studies, and Vietnamese Language. With the theme “Vietnamese Historical Figures”, Vinsers learned about historical battles led by the Trưng sisters, Ngô Quyền, Lê Hoàn, Trần Hưng Đạo, Đinh Bộ Lĩnh, Lý Thái Tổ, and so on. They also listened to lively stories and poems recounting historical contexts of the battles and revealing the exceptional generalship of the commanders. The most exciting moments of the trip came when Vinsers competed with each other in different challenges surrounding the Bạch Đằng historical battle, such as mimicking the installation of the powerful ironwood poles, assembling pieces into a complete picture depicting the encounter, and delivering presentations on the historic victory.

trận bạch đằng historical battle
Vinsers mimicking the installation of the ironwood poles. How to keep the poles firm in the sand? Vinsers were quick-minded enough to twist the poles in order for them to go down deeper.
Trận Bạch Đằng historical battle
Vinsers came to realize that creating a trap of ironwood poles was no easy feat.
Trận Bạch Đằng
The young students had to utilize their memorization skills to complete this puzzle 
historical battle Bạch Đằng
The splendid scene of the Bạch Đằng victory began to take shape in Vinsers’ hands.

With their prior knowledge and under the wholehearted guidance of the narrators, Vinsers were excited to deliver their presentations on the historical battle of Bạch Đằng. Their lively reproductions strongly impressed Ms. Thu Hà, representative of the Vietnam National Museum of History. She highly appreciated and respected for Vinsers’ self-confidence and presentation skills.

historical battle Bạch Đằng
Vinsers’ presentations left a strong impression on the staff of the Vietnam National Museum of History 

Việt Dũng from Class 4A4 shared his thoughts as the field trip ended: “This wonderful learning space gave me deeper insights into Vietnamese history. What impressed me most was the Ngoc Lu bronze drum”.

“I was so excited to see the magic crossbow with my own eyes. This visit to the museum has broadened my knowledge of the history of Vietnam since its inception”, shared Phúc Nam from Class 4A5.

This experiential learning activity not only allowed Vinsers to demonstrate their global citizenship but also evoked a strong sense of national pride among them. In this way, their love for the country will grow deeper, and the values and cultural identity of Vietnam will follow them to other parts of the world.