Grade 12 Vinsers achieve an average score of 21.2 in National High School Graduation Exam

Thursday, 08/08/2019, 10:08 (GMT+7)

It can be said that the school year 2018-2019 was a successful year for Grade 12 Vinsers with admirable effort. Let’s look at the achievements of six Vinschool grade 12 classes in the most recent National High School Graduation Exam.

In the National High School Graduation Exam, Grade 12 Vinsers achieved an average score of 21.2, with 72.7% of the scores exceeding 20. Below are the detailed average scores achieved by Vinsers in different groups:
• Average score of group A1: 21.7
• Average score of group A0: 20.2
• Average score of group D: 20.6
• Besides the advantage Vinsers have when it comes to English language scores, their Math scores were very encouraging with an average of 7.12. Many Vinsers got a total score of25-26 in the university entrance exam with the highest score recorded of 26.3.
• One third of Grade 12 Vinsers took the IELTS exam and scored 6.55 on average.
• Class 12D4 (Class for Overseas Study) also had lots of good news: 92% of the students successfully applied to overseas universities, 48% of which won scholarships from the world’s top universities; the remaining 8% opted for domestic universities and achieved an average score of 22 in the university entrance exam.

Congratulations Grade 12 Vinsers! Those achievements are attributed to your own continuous efforts and the support of your teachers and parents. Keep up the hard work so that you can conquer the challenges on your academic journey ahead!
Hopefully, the changes to the high school curriculum of Vinschool in the school year 2019-2020 will see the programs personalized for each student’s chosen path, and the next Vinser generations will make even greater achievements in the future.