Le Cam Tu was offered scholarships from 2 leading Australian universities

Sunday, 26/05/2019, 16:05 (GMT+7)

Le Cam Tu, a 12th grader at Vinschool Times City has recently been offered scholarships from 2 of the top 8 universities in Australia: University of Queensland and Monash University.

Le Cam Tu was offered a 50% scholarship in Hospitality Management from the University of QUEENSLAND (#48 among top universities in the world, #20 in the world in Hospitality Management – according to QS Rank 2019).

She was also offered a 30% scholarship in Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences from MONASH University (#59 among world-leading universities – according to QS Rank 2019). This is a great honor for Tu as Monash only grants between 10 and 20 scholarships annually.

Cam Tu made careful preparations for her scholarship application to these universities. This included practicing English every day, taking an active part in community activities as well as being on the Vinschool’s Student Council… These activities have helped Cam Tu grow more confident, and gain valuable experience.

However, few know that before she received these scholarship offers, Cam Tu was under so much stress that she was close to giving up on her goal: “For me, these scholarship applications were not an easy task, especially the essay-writing. It was an arduous and challenging experience. It required every ounce of my perseverance, patience and creativity. Writing, and rewriting, I sometimes had writer’s block. But I was lucky to have the support and encouragement of my friends, especially Tran Van Hao – my desk mate. I wrote my essay(s) at the same time as Hao, who was applying for scholarships in the US. He gave me frequent encouragement, provided comments on my drafts, and told me to keep at it and see things through”.

Thanks to her tireless effort, Cam Tu has now reaped the “sweet fruits” of her labor. She will soon fly to Australia, to undertake her studies in Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences at Monash University. We wish her all the best on her journey and hope that the story of her tireless efforts will encourage other Vinsers to persevere and see their goals through to the end.