Impressive IELTS scores – Vinsers’ advantages in admission to top domestic universities

Thursday, 08/08/2019, 10:08 (GMT+7)

English is one of Vinsers’ major advantages in university admission. One third of Grade 12 Vinsers have taken the IELTS test and achieved an average score of 6.55. This advantage is special in the present context when more and more top Vietnamese universities consider IELTS scores in their admission.

Over the past school year, almost 1/3 of Grade 12 Vinsers have enrolled for the IELTS test and achieved an average of 6.55. Many Vinsers, including Phuong Nhi, Nhat Anh and Thuc Anh, even managed IELTS scores of 8.0.
Here are the advantages which high IELTS scores can bring to Vinsers:
• In the National High School Graduation Exam, IELTS scores of 4.0 or more will be converted to a mark of 10 (out of 10) in the English language subject.
• Many top Vietnamese universities, such as Vietnam National University – Hanoi, Foreign Trade University, National Economics University, etc. consider IELTS scores 6.5 or above as part of the admission requirements (as well as other criteria, depending on each university’s admission conditions).
• The students with high IELTS scores will have an advantage when applying for scholarships at foreign universities.

Right at the beginning of the past school year, those students who planned to take the IELTS test studied in IELTS preparation classes held by Vinschool and were taught by specialists in the field. They learnt Speaking and Listening skills with foreign teachers and Writing and Reading skills with Vietnamese teachers.
Good IELTS scores will help Vinsers gain certain advantages in their studies on high-quality training courses or those delivered in English. They can read and dig deep into English materials for their studies. In fact, over the past two years, many Vinsers have been exempt from their first year at universities and jumped straight into the second year thanks to their impressive IETLS scores.