Pham Duc Anh

Recently, Pham Duc Anh – a Vinser at Vinschool Times City High School – has received scholarships worth up to 7.6 billion VND from 4 prestigious universities in the United States.
  • 3.8 billion VND ($160,000) scholarship from DePauw University (27th in the ranking of the best liberal arts universities in the United States)
  • 1.4 billion VND ($60,000) scholarships from two universities: University of Cincinnati (4th in the ranking of America's best universities in terms of internship opportunities) and University of Nebraska (consistently ranked first in terms of scientific research opportunities)
  • 1 billion VND ($48,000) scholarship from Iowa State University (55th in the ranking of the best public universities in the United States)
  • Directly admitted to Hanoi University of Science and Technology by talent recruitment methods

In addition to outstanding academic achievements such as a GPA of 9.7, an IELTS band score 8.0 and SAT score of 1550, what other secrets does Duc Anh possess that convinced multiple admissions committees? Find out more about his process of hunting for scholarships at prestigious universities!

“Prepare early and have a plan”

According to Duc Anh, he started on his profile for studying in the United States quite late. This made the process much more difficult and with high pressure. In a short period, he had to juggle various tasks such as reviewing for the SAT, reflecting on his interests and abilities to choose the right major, preparing the study abroad applications, writing essays as per varying requirements of different universities, declaring financial capability and filling in the applications for financial support from the universities. However, Duc Anh shared that the college application process could be challenging, as long as students have faith in themselves, nothing is impossible.

Another secret that Duc Anh would like to share with those who are planning to apply to study in the United States: Do not hesitate to ask questions. In his opinion, asking questions is extremely important, especially concerns related to the process of preparing university applications because if errors occur, students may miss out on a lot of opportunities for scholarships. Once they start asking questions, the students will find problems easy to solve, and most of the relevant parties are happy to answer questions.

“The study abroad application process has helped me understand myself and bond with my family”

With Duc Anh, the time to complete his study abroad application not only helped him understand more about himself but also enabled him to bond with his family. Due to the intensity of the preparation period, Duc Anh faced high amounts of pressure while completing the applications. As he wanted to apply to many schools, there were weeks when he had to stay up all night writing two or three essays to meet the deadlines. Understanding that their son was under extreme pressure, Duc Anh’s parents were always with him and supported him mentally and physically in the process of completing the university applications. This helped Duc Anh to better understand the love of his parents and the importance of family. Hence, Duc Anh has more motivation to try to study and build a good future for himself.

“Mentor teachers do not focus on what students want to do but on what students can achieve”

Duc Anh said that one of the most unforgettable memories in his senior year was the fact that his homeroom teachers and mentors were helpful, caring and asked questions not only about the application process but also about his mental health.

One day, Duc Anh sent questions about studying and the process of applying to study abroad to his homeroom teacher at very late hours, yet she still answered all of his questions with great dedication. According to Duc Anh, his form teacher is a person who has great faith in her students’ self-development, always looking for opportunities to help them try harder, and get out of their comfort zones so that they can grow and improve their knowledge. Not only that, but the form teacher also spent a lot of time talking directly with Duc Anh and his parents to support him in finding the best and most appropriate path for the future. In addition, Duc Anh’s mentor, Ms. Thu Trang, has helped him tremendously in understanding the international learning environment, giving him more confidence in his ability to apply.

Sharing plans for the near future, Duc Anh said he would like to quickly become familiar with the new environment in order to be able to learn effectively, develop thinking skills, understand society, and seize on good internship opportunities at his university.

A big “thanks” to Duc Anh for sharing very helpful tips and best wishes with his upcoming plans!