Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Anh

Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Anh, successfully convinced three reputable universities in the United States to offer her scholarships totalling more than VND 5 billion.
  • As the outstanding Chairman of The VZNIS Business Club
  • A talented girl with a respectable IELTS score of 8.5,

As the outstanding Chairman of The VZNIS Business Club, small and energetic, Phuong Anh was offered the following scholarships during the Early Application Decision round for the 2022-2023 academic year:

  • 3.8 billion VND ($160,000) scholarship awarded by the University of New York, USA (ranked 26th in the world in the prestigious Times of Higher Education 2022 university rankings, with a 5% successful admission rate)
  • Over 1 billion VND ($44,000) Scholarship from Indiana University of Bloomington (# 68 on the U.S National University (NU) ranking)
  • Over 1 billion VND ($48,000) scholarship from UMass Amherst University (# 68 of NU,  Scholarship offered as  $12,000/academic year)

What was Phuong Anh’s recipe for success during the application season?

Phuong Anh told us her secrets to help Vinsers achieve their dream of studying at a Top University in the United States.

Recalling the Early Decision application process, Phuong Anh shared: “Two days before applying to NYU, and after receiving advice from Henry – my head teacher, I decided to “smash and rebuild” the essay no matter how urgent the time was, because upon reviewing it, I saw it was not able to show who I am”.

To meet the requirements for the Business program at the university, Phuong Anh selected Business, Economics, and Maths under the A-Level program. When referring to the study journey at Vinschool, Phuong Anh expressed: “I am very grateful for the culture at Vinschool (which follows the parent company’s culture) that has created people with big goals, clear ambitions, and willing to work to achieve these goals – it is the friends in the club that I am lucky to connect with and learn in the process of participating in projects”.

 Also for the Business program that Phuong Anh chose at New York University, she was inspired by the businesses that are creating positive values for society, especially Vinschool, which has created an environment for students to discover themselves and their potential. The desire to create or make small changes to the life of Vietnamese people has prompted Phuong Anh to perfect herself on the way to achieving her dreams.