As an energetic Vinser with great passion for cinema, Nguyen Nam Khanh – a student of class 12A2 at Vinschool Times City – has surpassed thousands of talented international students and won a full scholarship in cinema worth more than 220,000 USD (about 5.2 billion VND) from Denison University, one of the leading liberal arts universities in the United States.
  • Full scholarship worth more than 220,000 USD at Denison University, majoring in cinema.
  • IELTS: 8.5 (Reading 9, Listening 9, Speaking 9, Writing 7.5); SAT: 1530
  • “Best Film” award at the FilmRoads International Student Film Festival 2023
  • Bronze Prize in Physico – International Math and Science Olympiad (STEMCO)
  • “Best Film” nomination at Across Asia Youth Film Festival 2023
  • Finalist at International Student World Impact Film Festival 2023

Below is Nam Khanh’s sharing about his journey to conquer the prestigious scholarship as well as his passion for the seventh art form.

“I had a lot of opportunities to explore my passion for cinema as a Vinser.”

Nam Khanh said that he realized his deep passion for the seventh art form when he was a 10th grader.  Through club activities and tasks assigned by the school and the Student Council, he had the opportunity to shoot many films of different genres and freely express his views on different topics about life. Thanks to the support of his teachers and friends at Vinschool, Nam Khanh – as a high school student – introduced his work to international filmmaking events for students and won impressive awards, such as “Best Film” award at FilmRoads International Student Film Festival 2023, “Best Film” finalists at Across Asia Youth Film Festival 2023 and Student World International Film Festival Impact Film Festival 2023.

Passion for cinema and excellent achievements were great advantages for Nam Khanh to conquer the admission committee of Denison University and win a full scholarship worth more than 220,000 USD, including tuition fees and financial aid for four years of study. This is the most prestigious scholarship in cinema for international students at Denison University.

“It was my academic advisors’ dedicated support and my SAT and IELTS scores that decided the success of my application”

During the university application process, Nam Khanh received dedicated support from academic advisors in choosing a school, preparing documents, brainstorming ideas and completing essays, etc. to make the best impression on the admission committee and obtain a full scholarship. Besides excellent academic achievements and international awards, his high SAT and IELTS results were an important factor highly appreciated by the admission committee, Nam Khanh shared. The secret to his high SAT and IELTS scores is to use English regularly at school. “Vinschool always encourages students and teachers to speak English as the main language in the process of learning and communicating every day, so I have trained myself to speak English fluently. In addition, IELTS and SAT training courses at the school gave me a better orientation and method of studying English for better results and more options when applying to domestic or overseas universities,” he shared.

“I find myself so lucky to study in an environment that values experiences and encourages creativity and freedom to develop to my strengths.”

After studying at Vinschool for six years, what Nam Khanh valued most was the opportunities to numerous experiences.“Vinschool not only encourages students to learn through experiences but also creates favorable conditions for us to be creative and free to develop our own strengths. Before touching the camera, I never thought that I would pursue cinema. However, because I gave it a try, I found my passion. I really hope that Vinschool students will give everything a try without forcing themselves to find their passion. Just try everything, and passion will find you.”

Thank you, Nam Khanh for your useful sharing. May you succeed in your upcoming projects!