Do Hien An

Through her passion for music, Do Hien An, a 12A1 grader from Vinschool Times City, won a 100% scholarship worth $223,200 for 4 years (equivalent to ~ 5 billion VND) at the University of Miami.
  • GPA 9.8, IELTS 8.0
  • Chairperson of the Board of the Simulated United Nations Conference VINMUN

Sharing about her relationship with “music”, Hien An said:  “The best word to describe the relationship between me and music would probably be “soulmate”. Music has always been there with me through my ups and downs as I grew up, and has become an indispensable part of my life. I’m really lucky and grateful to have had the opportunity to study with great teachers who helped me cultivate a love for classical music during the early stages of my studies. Right now, what I do best is what I like and what society needs, so I decided to pursue Music”.

In addition, Hien An also obtained the following remarkable achievements: GPA 9.8, IELTS 8.0; Chairperson of the Board of the Simulated United Nations Conference VINMUN; Granted a 100% scholarship from the Frost School of Music – University of Miami.

“The freedom to design my own timetable allows me to focus on my strengths and enables me to actively pursue my passion.”

According to Hien An, at Vinschool, students have the flexibility to choose subjects according to their abilities and interests instead of studying too many subjects at the same time. Thanks to this initiative and flexibility, she is free to explore and find the direction that suits her best.

The career-guidance activities that Vinschool organizes for students have also helped Hien An gain valuable experiences in different professions. Hien An shared that she had intended to pursue Graphic Design in parallel with Music. However, after studying in the series of Vinschool at Arena Multimedia events, Hien An realized combining the two was not what she imagined.

“The teachers at Vinschool, especially Ms. Viet Anh, have given me tremendous support during the application process.”

Hien An, winner of a full scholarship from a top US university, said that she had an advantage because her teachers at Vinschool had always accompanied her throughout the journey, instilling confidence in her to fulfill her aspirations.

“The school as well as the teachers, especially Ms. Viet Anh, have helped me a lot from the early stages  – when I was still unsure of which schools to choose and the application process to apply to various U.S. colleges –

I distinctly remember one night: It was already close to midnight when I had to hurriedly submit my academic transcript to a third-party organization for confirmation before sending it to the school. It was Ms. Viet Anh who helped me make it in time. I’m really grateful to her for always being by my side during the application process,” said Hien An.

“Start everything early and never hesitate to ask questions”

For Hien An, the biggest difficulty in the application process was the lack of time. Because of her abrupt change from European to US colleges, Hien An never felt she had enough time to perfect her applications to her satisfaction. That’s why her advice for other Vinsers is to start doing everything early to avoid being in a similar situation.

Another tip that Hien An learnt from the application process was not to hesitate to ask questions. Whenever encountering inaccurate or unclear information, prospective applicants should raise questions with the relevant admission committee instead of guessing. “I was too confident not to ask the admission committee about the submission deadline for the audition, so I missed the application deadline to my favorite school,” she confessed. In addition, proactively asking questions is a good way to show interest and thorough research before applying to a school, which helps leave a good impression on the admission committee.