A brief chat with Nguyen Song Nhi – the talented Vinser who obtained a 100% VinUni scholarship

What secrets did Song Nhi have to conquer the Admission Board of VinUni University? Let's chat with this talented Vinser to learn more!
  • A Vinser of Vinschool The Harmony High School, has been granted a 100% scholarship in Hospitality Management from VinUni, an excellent achievement. This scholarship covers the entire tuition fee for 4 years of study with a total value of 3.2 billion VND.
  • Song Nhi also received invitations from a number of prestigious universities such as Swinburne, Swiss Hotel Management School and Pacific International Hotel Management School.
  • IELTS 8.0, TOEFL 900, and the national bronze medal of the Hong Kong International Olympic Science Competition 2020
  • Song Nhi is also an energetic member of Harmony Heart2heart Club, head of the professional committee of Vinschool Production Club 2021, and head of the Human Resources Department of the Student Council 2021-2022

“Hospitality Management not only helps me pursue my passion but also provides opportunities for me to achieve my life goals”

This was what Song Nhi shared when asked about her reasons for choosing her current major. She wants to make a positive difference in people’s lives by giving them great experiences, laughter and improving their quality of life. Song Nhi believes that it is her enthusiasm and passion for this field and having a clear direction for the future that has helped her convince the Admissions Committee of VinUni. Her strengths such as the ability to adapt quickly to change, teamwork and attention to detail supported her application and are all essential elements of a person working in the Service industry.

“The biggest difficulty in the application process is finding your own highlights or special qualities”

To overcome the above difficulties, Song Nhi spent a lot of time learning about the school, and the qualities and determinants of a candidate that the Admissions Committee is looking for. Song Nhi also read and analysed the strengths in the profile of the previous courses to learn how to create highlights in her profile.

In planning her career path, she spent time to create uniformity in most of the activities and exams that she participated in so they all aim to serve her area of future study. In this process, Song Nhi shared the need to understand who she is, reflect on her previous passions, interests, habits, strengths/weaknesses, and extracurricular activities and find the similarities between them to make the final decision in choosing a profession.

From the second semester of grade 10, Song Nhi had been oriented by teachers and mentors on the combination of subjects for the next two years

With Song Nhi, the orientation from the first year of high school and the early preparation plan have made her application process much less difficult. From the second semester of the 10th grade, she had been guided by teachers and mentors on the combination of subjects for the next two years to orientate her to the profession she wished to pursue. Therefore, in addition to the main subjects, for two consecutive years Song Nhi had chosen the career related subject of Economics at Vinschool. As well as giving a general and understandable view of economics, participating in this subject also enabled her to join economic competitions at university and national level to improve her knowledge and help with the application process.

In the 11th grade, Song Nhi had the opportunity to learn about some domestic universities through Vinschool’s learning programme. By the 12th grade, the academic advisors also supported Song Nhi intensively on how to apply to specific universities, offering suitable learning pathways. To support this, she participated in many admission seminars provided by the major universities in the world, collecting useful admission information. As a result, Song Nhi devised a route that suited her best for her future studies.

Thank you Song Nhi for sharing your secrets, and we wish you a truly meaningful journey ahead at VinUni!