Workshop “Children’s Psychological health – Understand to Care” – Parents’ “handbook” of growing up with children

Wednesday, 22/05/2024, 14:05 (GMT)

At the end of March, Vinschool Star City successfully organized the workshop “Children’s psychological health – Understand to care”, attracting nearly 150 parents of Vinschool students, helping parents understand more about creating a healthy psychological environment for your child, thereby promoting their potential and providing maximum support for their comprehensive development. The workshop is part of a series of events to promote awareness and improve school mental health care skills for both parents, students and teachers at Vinschool.

At the conference, parents received in-depth advice on raising their children properly, and had their concerns and questions about issues related to students’ psychological health through the practical sharing session of Dr. Khuc Nang Toan – School psychology coordinator for Vinschool Education System. ​​​​​​Based on surveys conducted by parents during the conference, the speaker also provided explanations, psychological counseling experience as well as solutions suitable for each parent’s case.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hanh, Parent of Vinser Truong Minh class 9A1 and Hanh Nguyen 5A2 shared: “The seminar was very good and meaningful, especially for parents of middle school students because during this period, the children tend to express their personality very strongly. Through the workshop, parents have gained more knowledge and options to understand their children better, as well as know how to effectively accompany their children during puberty.”

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