Vinsers “reach to the peak” with the Basketball tournament “Star Basketball Cup 2024”

Wednesday, 22/05/2024, 17:05 (GMT)

Last March, Vinsers shined with outstanding talent, enthusiasm and solidarity through exciting and dramatic matches during the “Star Basketball Cup” of elementary, middle and high schools. Vinschool Star City school year 2023-2024. Throughout the tournament, Vinsers showed impressive team spirit along with skillful techniques and quick tactics, bringing to the audience beautiful plays, extremely attractive matches with high professional quality

At the Closing Ceremony, the Organizing Committee awarded trophies and medals to the winning teams:

Division level championship:

  • Block 4: Champion – 4A3, second prize – 4A1, third prize – 4A2
  • Block 5: Champion – 5A2, second prize – 5A3, third prize – 5A1
  • Block 6: Champion – 6A3, second prize – 6A1, third prize – 6A2
  • Block 7: Champion – 7A1, second prize – 7A2, third prize – 7A3
  • Block 8-9: Champion – 9A1, second prize – 8A1, third prize – 8A2

High school division: Champion – 12A1, second prize – 10A1, third prize – LQ11, 10A2

In addition, the individuals “Player scoring the most points” were also honored by the Organizing Committee:

  • Block 4: Vinser Nguyen Anh Tai
  • Block 5: Vinser Le Tran Tuan Hung
  • Block 6: Vinser Hoang Cong Huy Vu
  • Block 7: Vinser Do Hai Tung
  • Block 8-9: Vinser Nguyen Van Duc
  • High School: Vinser Vu Cong Vinh

“STAR BASKETBALL CUP 2024” is a basketball tournament organized for students from grades 4 to 12 at Vinschool Star City, to create a positive and healthy sports playground for students, while helping students develop comprehensively. After 5 days of exciting and dramatic competition with the participation of 19 teams and 190 players, the basketball tournament ended with 20 matches and many beautiful and highly professional baskets.

Let’s admire the beautiful images of Vinsers at Star Basketball Cup 2024!