“Vin Olympics” – The blazing sports arena of young Vinsers

Wednesday, 22/05/2024, 17:05 (GMT)

The young Vinsers of Vinschool Star City Kindergarten experienced the “Vin Olympics” event with immense joy and excitement. They had the opportunity to improve their health, nurture a passion for sports, demonstrate agility, and practice coordination and teamwork through vibrant and engaging games.

The sports activities in the VivoKids program were the main highlight of the “Vin Olympics” day. The little athletes showcased their skills and confidently performed proficient techniques in various sports such as soccer, baseball, floorball, tennis, basketball, and rugby. Additionally, they displayed flexibility, dexterity, and endurance in a series of continuous sports games. With an excellent competitive spirit, they gave their all in each event, overcoming obstacles to complete their challenges.

This was not just an ordinary sports event but also a chance for the children to learn important lessons about teamwork as they faced challenges together, supported each other, and “fought” for a common goal. Through each game, they developed communication skills, flexibility, and self-confidence.

The “little athletes” turned the “Vin Olympics” into a dazzling arena where the joy and dynamism of the sports spirit spread continuously. They had a memorable competition day, strengthening their bonds with teachers and friends.
Let’s share the joy with the young Vinsers through these unforgettable moments.