Vinsers Star City applied Math in practice at Nga Son Seed Village

Wednesday, 22/05/2024, 12:05 (GMT)

Recently, students in grades 6 and 8 of Vinschool Star City participated in experiential learning, applying Math theory to real life through measuring and calculating parameters of sedge mat products at Viet Anh Company – one of Vietnam’s leading enterprises in the production and export of sedge mats. 

The experiential program is part of the Cambridge Mathematics program, promoting the development of students’ thinking about learning and working in Mathematics, as well as improving the application of Mathematics in practice. Through this activity, students can enhance their ability to apply knowledge and teamwork skills, stimulate the spirit of self-study and self-discovery, Aiming for the comprehensive development of both cultural awareness and practical skills beyond the classroom.

During the lesson, Vinsers directly measured the radius of a circular carpet, and the length and width of a rectangular carpet. From there, we discussed and calculated the exact circumference, area, and volume of the products exactly as the manufacturer’s information noted. Group activities to determine the number of vertices, edges, and faces of 3D blocks help students review and consolidate their knowledge.

Student Pham Huong Giang – 6A3 shared: “The experience was very useful. I have reviewed my knowledge and know how to do the exercises in part IV – Geometry and measurement. Through that, we also hone Math skills such as: measurement skills, calculation skills, logical thinking skills.”

We invite parents to look back at the moments of the experience.