“Thành Tây” Blazes On The Final Day Of Summer Camp Journey 1

Thursday, 04/07/2024, 13:07 (GMT)

Aiming to foster connections and interactions among various school clusters to provide Vinser students participating in the summer journey with numerous experiences and fond memories of this season, the western school clusters were bustling with activities on the final days of summer camp journey 1 for swimming, basketball, and soccer from June 27-28.

Vinschool Metropolis kicked off with the swimming competition on June 27. With over 90 students participating, across 35 different swimming heats for various age groups, genders, and skill levels, Vinsers from clusters like Vsc Smart City, Green Bay, and Metropolis had an unforgettable day filled with incredible experiences. The tournament showcased the professionalism, meticulousness, and dedication of the organizing committee and teachers towards the students and received enthusiastic support from the many parents who attended.

The swimming competition-in-vinschool-Metropolis


Following the successful lead of “host” Metropolis, Vsc Green Bay also showed its hospitality by welcoming three guest participants from Vsc Gardenia, Vsc Smart City, and Vsc Metropolis in soccer. Regardless of the outcomes of the matches, the applause from the parents and the smiles of the Vinsers at the end of each game spoke volumes about the success of the event, and surely the “little players” from Vinschool had a morning they will never forget after such unique experiences.

Not to be outdone by its siblings, Vsc Gardenia wrapped up a fiery day in “Thành Tây” by hosting the basketball tournament with the participation of over 90 students from Vsc Green Bay, Metropolis, Smart City, and host Gardenia. With more than 12 games played across two age groups, this undoubtedly was an incredibly fantastic moment for the “little Ballers.”

The children had nearly three weeks of learning and two days of competition, which isn’t a long time. However, it clearly showed the unity and relentless efforts of the teachers from the VSC cluster in West Hanoi. But undoubtedly, the satisfaction from the parents and the smiles of the Vinsers will be the measure of the teachers’ efforts during the last days of the first summer journey.

The final days of summer camp journey 1 provide Vinser with numerous experiences and fond memories

Sincerely thank you the management and teachers from Vsc Metropolis, Vsc Green Bay, Vsc Gardenia, and Vsc Smart City for facilitating and contributing to the successful conclusion of the competitions.

Goodbye to journey number one, and let’s prepare to welcome the Vinsers at the second summer journey, promising to be even more explosive and different!