Sport Festie Vin Olympics 2024 – Vinschool Times City Kindergarten

Thursday, 11/07/2024, 17:07 (GMT)

Sport festie – VinOlympics of Vinschool Times City T8-T9 Kindergarten lasted for 2 days from March 14 to April 1 with the participation of nearly 1,000 little athletes from all group ages.

Right in the morning, with the very bustling atmosphere, all preparations for the children were quickly completed. All of our little kids’ faces were radiant and cheerful. After the Principal’s speech to open the Olympics games and the referee’s oath, there were lovely and beautiful performances by the students. Particularly, the extremely heroic and exciting performance of the song “Vietnam! Let’s go forward” by the children and teachers brought a more bustling atmosphere than ever.

Sport Festie – VinOlympics was held like a real Olympics with full rituals: Parade, flag procession, torch relay of participating students, teachers and parents.
The students from Kitty, Nemo to Alvin group age excitingly and confidently in the general performance.

With the guidance from Gym Kids Club coaches and Vivokids coaches, the children were divided into separate areas and simultaneously participated in age-appropriate challenges such as: speed race, speedy beans , talented player, egg rescue… The little athletes tried extremely hard to complete the challenges with the warm support and encouragement of the participating teachers and parents.

Kitty and Nemo students in the game “Egg rescue”
The Pooh students were very determined in the game “Long Jump”
Alvin students made all their efforts in the game “Speedy Hockey”

Sport Festie – VinOlympics with a series of challenges has contributed to promoting the spirit of love, positivity and excitement about practicing sports for the children and beautifully impressed the students, teachers and parents of VSC Kindergarten T8-9 on a professional, bustling VinOlympics with full of energy and extremely memorable experience.