Exciting Games at the Vivokids Fun Fest Event

Thursday, 11/07/2024, 17:07 (GMT)

Aimed at providing children with a fun and engaging sports playground while developing team skills and overall health, Vinschool Times City Kindergarten organizes the Vivokids Fun Fest event.

At the Vivokids program, young Vinser participants learn six sports: football, basketball, floorball, baseball, rugby, and tennis. Numerous exciting and challenging games have truly brought a lively atmosphere.

Before the competition, the young Vinsers, along with their teachers and parents, participated in lively and energetic warm-up sessions.
The children overcame the challenges with the support and assistance of their parents. These were truly wonderful performances.
Basketball was immensely loved by the young Vinsers!

In this event, students not only get to showcase their talent and dexterity through various sports but also have the opportunity to improve their health, foster team spirit, and enjoy relaxing moments filled with joy.

In each sport, the children performed athletic skills and coordinated with their teammates to score points.
The excitement and determination to win were evident in the radiant eyes of each Vinser.
Playing sports not only helps the children improve their health but also fosters a cheerful and enthusiastic spirit for their overall development

Alongside the efforts of the young athletes is the support of parents and teachers in the roles of guides, referees, and cheerleaders, contributing to the success of the Vivokids Fun Fest event. We wish the children continued enthusiasm for sports to maintain good health as well as do their best in their studies and playtime.