Discover yourself – Each child is a miracle

Wednesday, 03/07/2024, 17:07 (GMT)

“Discover Yourself – Each Child Is A Miracle” is a special event for Vinsers at Vinschool Imperia Hai Phong Kindergarten. This is an opportunity for children to discover themselves, recognize their individual characteristics through a variety of artistic activities and scientific discoveries.

Project “My fingerprint”: The children were extremely excited when they discovered amazing things about their fingerprints. When participating in this activity, children will need to use the skills of observing, analyzing, synthesizing and comparing data to realize that each fingerprint is unique. This activity not only helps Vinsers understand more about their bodies but also realize their uniqueness and respect differences.

Attractive shaping lessons: During this week, Vinsers of Vinschool Imperia Kindergarten experienced a variety of shaping activities, from creating special portraits, funny faces or creative paintings from fingerprints, hand prints,… This activity helps Vinsers develop their ingenuity, creativity and presentation skills through sharing their products with those around them.

Exhibition “Each child is a miracle”: A place to display artworks and products from children’s activities. The exhibition is not only a place to honor the creativity of children but also an opportunity for parents and other Vinsers to admire and feel the uniqueness of each individual.

“Discover yourself – Each child is a miracle” is not only an event but also a memorable journey for each child. Hopefully, after this event, children will continue to discover and develop their potential, becoming real “miracles” in life.