Vinschool: The ideal learning environment, our family’s trusted partner

For the past five years, I have entrusted Vinschool with my child’s education. Thanks to the school, my child has learned to overcome challenges and has been growing, personally and intellectually, through the school’s activities.

Ever since my daughter was a baby, I have tried to read books to her, because I believe that books not only provide children with knowledge but also nurture their souls. Over time, I encouraged her to read books herself; we would discuss what she learned from books and how she could apply those lessons in everyday life. To my surprise, she seemed to have an interest in business and finance books, and fortunately began developing an understanding of personal finance management at a young age.

When Vinschool announced a Book Review contest, my daughter was so excited to talk about the “How to teach kids to manage their personal finance wisely” book series. Although I was surprised by her choice, I supported her decision. I wanted her to pursue her interest and have a good experience. However, in the back of my mind, I didn’t expect that a young child’s presentation on money would be as well-loved as one on fairy tales or historic figures.

Contrary to my initial thought, my daughter passed several rounds and was selected to compete in the grade-wide round. It was heartwarming to hear her talk about how Ms. Nhung and Ms. Linh helped her practice the presentation everyday after school. They corrected my daughter’s pronunciation, taught her about presentation manners, and even showed her how to go through the slides. Through my daughter’s stories, I could feel the love, the dedication, and commitment of not just her teachers but also the school in general.

Due to my busy lifestyle, I don’t always have the chance to watch over my daughter’s studying; however, observing her during the various contests that she has participated in, I’ve not only witnessed her growth but have also seen how invested Vinschool is in its students. Through the school’s three-round storytelling contest, the Kangaroo Math contest, and the Book Discussion contest for grades 1 & 2, I came to appreciate Vinschool Times City’s effort in organizing these extracurricular activities to help students gain valuable experience. I am blessed that my child attends a school that values both intellect and originality, a school that recognizes the importance of individuality by awarding the First Prize to a child’s discussion of money and finance. Most importantly, the school always integrates a debate session in every contest, helping its students to strengthen their critical thinking and logical reasoning abilities as well as enriching their knowledge of the topic they’re discussing.

A good educational environment is an important factor in a child’s growth, making choosing a school a very tough decision for every parent. At Vinschool, I have found the perfect environment where I know my children can develop crucial personal skills that will help them prevail in life. Happily, another member of our family will soon become a Vinser at Vinschool Times City Kindergarten starting next year (2019 – 2020). I am eternally grateful to Vinschool for creating the ideal learning environment that I always wanted for my children.

Shared by a parent of a student in class 1A20 – Vinschool Times City Elementary School