“Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

I have joined many groups for Vinschool’s parents. Other parents and I share the same worries about our children’s future. Together we all share a passion to fight for the interests of our children. I also recognize all the efforts of Vinschool and appreciate the enthusiasm you bring to our children. I always think that any judgments must be looked at from many sides, many angles, and we are supposed to place ourselves in each other’s position to avoid misjudging or lacking objectivity.

My child is studying in the second year of kindergarten. Like other mothers, I try to spend time researching the many educational methods to find the most suitable environment for my child. In the past, I have wondered whether there were any other schools which were more suitable for my child, and if I had found such a place, I would be willing to make a move for my child. But now, that thought is gone from my mind. I am completely satisfied with my child’s current learning environment. Day by day, I see my baby growing up happily and developing physically and mentally. My child loves her teacher, her friends, and her school in the most natural way.

When crossing the road, my child is always looked after by the security staff who give her the feeling of being the first priority and always protected. Going to school, she is welcomed and greeted right from the hall, which makes her feel that she is always warmly welcomed. Whenever she runs out of the door on her own, there is always a guard to stop her and check that she will be taken care of. Inside the classroom, she talks to her teacher about everything, showing me that the teachers treat my daughter as kindly as they do their own kids. In addition, the love and care of parents at Vinhomes for the children makes me feel like all are their children. The awareness of protecting children is valued and elevated everywhere, from every resident and every staff at Vinhomes, even the staff in the restaurants, etc. I just want to say that I truly appreciate everything you give my dear daughter and the others.

I am super satisfied with all the interactions between teachers and parents. I appreciate the way teachers send messages in a group chat to give information to the parents, and whenever there are any questions, the teachers and other parents always try to answers. The Kids Online application just implemented is an effective tool for us to quickly update  the status of our children, which also gives us a close interaction with the teachers.

Today I am attending my child’s extracurricular activity which is called discovering a book store. In theory, parents should be their children’s friends and companions during their process of growing up. However, it’s not easy to be their friends when we have to follow an 8 hour working day, unless you are a freelancer? But Vinschool gives us a chance to “join” their outdoor activities so that we can share in our kids’ memorable moments – those moments when they are with their friends and teachers, or moments when they are learning or playing. This is how we get to know our children’s feelings, orientations and concerns. In my opinion, the showcase class is not for assessing the qualification of teachers or the quality of the meal, it’s my opportunity to see first-hand how my child feels in class. Thanks to my participation in the book store activity, I understand my child better. The children who were accompanied by their parents looked so different from those without, so it is easy to see that children really need their parents to stand by them and talk to them. I was able to see the different choices made by children with parents and those who just had money in their pocket. I could see the importance of teaching them how to use money, how to care about their friends, and how to be friendly with people around them. Those showcase classes are really useful to me.

On the way back home, my child ran ahead to show me flowers and catch butterflies. She held my hand, played with her friends and teachers with a beaming smile on her face. My child walks to school and every corner of the road is printed with unforgettable memories.

Today I write this letter to express my sincere thanks to Vinschool for helping my child learn well, for choosing clean food to make her meals, and for teaching her to be a good person. Thank you from the bottom of a mother’s heart. Thank you for nurturing my child’s “CHILDHOOD”.

Best regards!

VuThuy Linh – Mother of Bambi 1 student, Vinschool Times City Kindergarten