Workshop “Opening the door to top universities with NCUK – Vinschool”

Friday, 09/06/2023, 11:06 (GMT+7)

Discover all-inclusive study abroad solutions, including prestigious academic programs, school selection advice, application advice, visa application, etc. to help your child secure a place at some of the top universities in the world in 2024.

✔️ Time: 9:30 – 11:30 am, May 20, 2023

✔️ Location: Library, Vinschool Times City High School T37, Times City, 458 Minh Khai Street, Hanoi

✔️ Target audience: Parents and 11th graders who intend to study abroad

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What worries parents the most when their children are about to study abroad?

There must be concerns over applying to the right schools, admission requirements, tuition fees, accommodation, and post-admission support.

🔻 The NCUK – IFY Program at Vinschool is organizing a seminar with the theme of “Opening the door to top universities”, giving parents and students the opportunity to:

👉 Directly meet and discuss with representatives from leading universities and education experts from NCUK – Vinschool to obtain more information about admission conditions, scholarships, accommodation, job and settlement opportunities, and international student support services from top universities.

👉 Find out how the NCUK – Vinschool training program will help students prepare knowledge and skills to succeed at university. Explore the advantages of having an NCUK – Vinschool Pre-University Certificate regarding direct admission to and prestigious scholarship opportunities from the university.