Livestream: Finals of the Vinschool Mock Trial 2024

Tuesday, 07/05/2024, 15:05 (GMT+7)

Don't miss out on the intense intellectual showdown at the Finals of the Vinschool Mock Trial 2024: Livestream on the official Vinschool Fanpage at 8:00 PM on Monday, May 13, 2024.

Vinschool Mock Trial 2024 is an academic playground within the Critical Thinking curriculum at Vinschool. This program introduces a completely new form of debate, providing an opportunity for Vinsers in grades 11 and 12 across the entire school system to learn from a simulated case based on real-world events. By participating in the Mock Trial, Vinsers will have the chance to develop comprehensive skills in applying critical thinking, such as multidimensional questioning, information processing, analysis, and synthesis, as well as role-playing as real characters in an international criminal court setting, including prosecutors, lawyers, witnesses, defendants, and judges, to enhance their legal knowledge. They will receive direct guidance from experienced law faculty.

Following the success of the first season of the Mock Trial, May 2024 will welcome the return of the Vinschool Mock Trial, a platform dedicated to Vinsers passionate about Critical Thinking, with impressive changes, promising exceptional, dramatic intellectual battles:

  • INTERNATIONAL CONTEXT: The simulated case, endorsed by UNICEF, aims to raise awareness about children’s rights, requiring each student to possess research and synthesis skills, the ability to apply Critical Thinking, and high adaptability.
  • HUMANITARIAN AND REALISTIC TOPIC: Beyond domestic civil cases, the Vinschool Mock Trial 2024 presents exceptional topics reflecting current global issues such as the impact of war on innocent people and children’s rights.
  • COMPLEX, MULTIFACETED NARRATIVE, HEIGHTENING DIFFICULTY LEVEL: The trial involves the participation of a third party – the victim’s family, offering a fresh perspective on the entire case, demanding students to engage in multidimensional thinking and analysis, as well as timely responses to unexpected situations and questions from the opposing team, demonstrating their sharp critical thinking skills.
  • FIRST-TIME INVOLVEMENT OF VINSERS AS JUDGES: Unlike their role as jurors in the first season, in this second season, Vinsers will take on a more pivotal role as Judges – authoritative figures with the power to directly influence the trial’s outcome.
  • APPEALING PRIZE STRUCTURE: Total prize value up to 500,000,000 VND.

Stay tuned for the surprises that will unfold at Vinschool Mock Trial 2024!

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Watch the summary of the case in the Vinschool Mock Trial 2024 Finals at https://fb.watch/rVsrazq3u7/