Why should you choose the Cambridge program at Vinschool?

Wednesday, 22/12/2021, 09:12 (GMT+7)

In this article, let's learn about the question "Why should you choose the Cambridge program at Vinschool?"

Vinschool has received many questions related to the Cambridge International Program since the first article, such as “What are the benefits of choosing the Cambridge program?”; “What will students learn, how will they learn, what does the curriculum look like, what does the pathway look like and how will comprehensive recognition be ranked against the common ground?” These questions will be answered in the series of articles with hashtag #Cambridge@VSC, which are updated weekly on our official Fanpage.

In this article, let’s learn about the question “WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE THE CAMBRIDGE PROGRAM AT VINSCHOOL?”

Historical background
Choosing the Cambridge program at Vinschool will give students the opportunity to conquer the world’s most prestigious international education program. The Cambridge Examinations Council has a 150-year history of organizing international examinations, and is also a non-profit educational organization affiliated with the University of Cambridge, one of the world’s most prestigious universities in the UK.

Aiming at lifelong learning
The Cambridge program provides students with a pathway from the age of 5 to the age of 19, not only preparing them for the future but also helping them develop their mindset, qualities, values, and passion for lifelong learning. At Vinschool, the program is implemented from elementary school to high school. Starting from this school year, Vinschool officially launched the Cambridge program for 5-year-old Alvin preschool students.

Flexible study program
The Cambridge international education program allows flexibility in design to integrate with local curricula in countries, thereby helping students prepare for global citizenship while preserving their national identity. Vinschool is proud to be the first school licensed by the Ministry of Education to implement an integrated program between the program of the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and the Cambridge International program according to Decree 86/2018/ND-CP.

Fully equipped with future skills
The curriculum focuses on helping students discover their potential in the world at large while developing the skills they need to succeed in college and in their future careers. In the current “multipolar” global context with four manifestations: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity, new skills are to help students be proactive, constantly adapt to keep up with new trends, and succeed in the future.

Prioritizing student development
The Cambridge program has 4 stages built towards the best development of students through and closely between stages in order to ensure that students can always integrate into the program at every stage, including when they are transitioning from another educational program. For example, when switching from Vinschool’s Standard System to the Cambridge Advanced System, students receive the closest support to adapt to the new program.

Diversity and freedom in subject choices
Cambridge offers a flexible and extensive choice of subjects so that students can study both broadly and deeply depending on their orientation and ability. At Vinschool, with AS & A Level, students have 13 diverse subjects divided into many combinations, creating opportunities for them to both master professional knowledge and explore new fields according to their personal interests. Vinschool is proud to be one of the Cambridge schools in Vietnam that currently offers the widest selection of A Level subjects.

Value of Cambridge diploma is highly appreciated
The value of Cambridge degrees is recognized by more than 1,400 universities worldwide including every university in the UK, 600 universities in the US (including all Ivy League universities), and in many other countries, such as Canada, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Germany and the Netherlands. Particularly in Vietnam, Cambridge degrees are also recognized at Hanoi National University, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Science and Technology, RMIT University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education, etc. Universities and employers around the world highly appreciate the value of Cambridge degrees because of its rigorous assessment system as well as the optimal quality of teaching and learning.

Get ready for the future
Many of the world’s leading universities including Harvard University and Yale University (ranked 3rd and 8th respectively in the Times Higher Education 2021 rankings) have conducted surveys regarding student quality from students studying under Cambridge programs. The results show that 98% of universities agree that Cambridge certificates equip students with the most complete preparation, helping them to succeed in the university environment.

Quality of training for teachers
Only educational institutions that pass Cambridge’s rigorous registration and assessment process and are accredited by Cambridge can deploy the program. At Vinschool, the teaching staff of the Cambridge program are teachers with a bachelor’s degree in pedagogy or higher, with international pedagogical certificates, and teaching experience that meets Cambridge Teacher Standards. All teachers are entitled to participate in regular training courses to improve their expertise and professionalism and to stay up to date with current educational trends and new teaching methods.

The Cambridge program has been assessed in more than 160 countries including the UK, Sweden, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. and taught at more than 10,000 schools worldwide, providing a flexible learning path which meets the diverse needs, abilities and orientations of students. At the same time, the program integrates a highly applied interdisciplinary approach to equip students with the ability to analyze, evaluate, reason, and research current world issues, thereby preparing them to become global citizens.

By answering frequently asked questions from parents, information about the Cambridge International Program will be approached from general to detailed, contributing to a comprehensive perspective, and will support parents in the process of choosing an appropriate curriculum and subjects at Vinschool. Parents who have questions related to the Cambridge international education program at Vinschool, please send questions for support in the next articles at link.

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