Vinsers write software “COVID patient data processing and analysis system”

Friday, 10/12/2021, 09:12 (GMT+7)

“How can the number of COVID cases be predicted?” That's what Nguyen Hoang Anh, a student of class 11A2 at Vinschool Ocean Park Primary, Secondary and High School, always worries about as the pandemic has greatly affected his studies and life.

Hoang Anh shared his concerns with the Informatics teacher and actively prepared the application to participate in the National Youth Innovation Contest 2021 with the software contest product “COVID-19 patient data processing and analysis system”.

From the elementary knowledge about software development and database system administration learned from the 2nd semester of 10th grade, Hoang Anh actively asked the teacher to guide him with new knowledge such as data declaration lines, using the library in the most basic way, and using the Python programming language. After many months, the software had been formed and run, but the accuracy was very low. By October 2021, after learning, researching and applying a lot of algorithms and choosing an algorithm model suitable for the existing data set, the accuracy of the software has sometimes reached the highest accuracy of 71.5% and 84.38% for the number of positive cases and the number of deaths based on facts.

Overcoming tens of thousands of contested products across the country, including 362 products from Hanoi, Hoang Anh’s product entered the list of the 106 best products in the national round for 5 categories and won the consolation prize in the category of “Informatic software”.

“I consider myself very lucky and very proud because I am the first Vinser to win this prestigious contest. I am very concerned about the epidemic but cannot do anything useful for the community and society. This is a software that can be applied in real life during the COVID-19 period, helping viewers have a more objective view of the numbers and the epidemic situation. In addition, it can also help doctors predict how future epidemic trends (number of F0 cases, number of recoveries, number of re-positive cases and number of deaths) will be so that we can come up with an appropriate response plan. Through this competition and the process of being guided by Vinschool teachers, I am also more confident in my profile and experience when applying to domestic and international universities in the future,” Hoang Anh shared.