Vinsers’ Voice: “Every Child is Born a Special and Unique Identity”

Tuesday, 07/12/2021, 15:12 (GMT+7)

To appear in TALK PSYCHOLOGY 2021, Vinsers’ psychology projects have to go through rigorous qualifying rounds and a challenging presentation round. 8 projects with unique ideas based on powerful psychological science arguments and convincing evidence have surpassed 50 others to take part in this year’s forum.

Each of the projects is a psychological scientific product developed by talented Vinsers with the ceaseless efforts to do research and analyses in the hope of deepening their knowledge about the complex but interesting field. To get a better insight into the 8 projects, let’s listen to the members of the first project – “Every child is born a special and unique identity,” Vinsers Tong Phuong Linh, Nguyen Cong Duy Anh, Le Ngoc Linh, Hoang Manh Kien, and Le Viet Trung from Vinschool Times City High School.

“To answer the question: “Born to be or Learn to be?” our group chose the topic “Every child is born a special and unique identity”, which is very close to us. The more we analyze it, the more we understand ourselves. We believe that each of us has our own unique features, and no individual is the same as another. Every child is a blank sheet of paper or a raw gemstone at birth. Through the process of growing up and affirming self-worth, however, each individual paints his own unique features with unique tones and shines in his own way. At Vinschool, we are always encouraged by teachers to raise our voices and express our personal colors so as to succeed in our own way instead of imitating everyone else’s style,” said Vinser Le Ngoc Linh when asked about the reason for choosing the topic.

“Through the last 2 rounds we had the opportunity to explore knowledge and more or less learn from each other in different aspects. This was quite a new topic because we learnt not only about our personal experiences but also the scientific basis of the problem. Psychology is a fairly new subject, so we encountered many problems in the process of doing research. We then often sat down together to discuss. Therefore, we could get a better insight into the subject and learn more about ourselves at the same time,” said Hoang Manh Kien about what he could learn through the project.

“I volunteered to share my personal story as a case study for the final project. To be honest, it was just a joke, but unexpectedly it became an important part of the project. I thought that it was just a story, but after the event, I really had to face it and look back on what I had learnt. The process not only benefited the project but also touched me deeply. Sometimes I was overwhelmed, and other members were always there to give me a hand. So I learnt new lessons and had my own experiences through the project,” shared Vinser Tong Phuong Linh about the valuable lessons she has learnt.

About the project implementation process, Vinser Nguyen Cong Duy Anh said, “We are extremely grateful to the teachers of the Division, especially our Psychology teacher, Ms. Cam Tu. We had only three days to develop ideas for the presentation in the 2nd round, but Ms. Tu made objective comments when listening to our orientation and encouraged us to express our individuality, so we had a really unique presentation.”