Vinsers to raise “Capital” in a class simulation of the Shark Tank

Friday, 04/01/2019, 14:01 (GMT+7)

With unique startup ideas, English language proficiency, and persuasive negotiation skill, Vinsers of Vinschool The Harmony Secondary School have become talented “businessmen”, successfully called for “capital” from a special “investor” – Mr. John Dohrmann, in a class simulation of Shark Tank television show.

In order to help Vinsers gain more experiences in financial literacy and Innovation mindset, Vinschool has invited Mr. Jonh Dohrmann to deliver lecture on business and startups. As a certified IB Business Management teacher, Mr. John has extensive experience of working with students in more than 190 secondary schools from 18 different countries. He also has more than ten years of success in catapulting small start-ups into profitable businesses.

Working with students of Vinschool The Harmony Secondary School, Mr. Jonh Dohrmann delivered an interesting and highly interactive lesson. The class with the topic of “Business” has provided Vinsers with basic knowledge of this field, helping them understand the essential skills to become skilled businessmen. Especially, in the “Invest in Startups” section, students in 9 startup groups used their teamwork and presentation skills to present their innovative startup ideas, thereby “to call for capital” from “Shark” John.

Mr. John has been teaching at EF Academy Boarding Schools in New York for two years, developing a variety of unique programs that include research and investigation of an actual American business.

In this class, knowledge is not only exchanged in one way, Vinsers had chances to ask Mr. John questions to find the pros and cons of business models. In addition, with the interesting and energy-filled teaching method full of practical examples, Mr. John Dohrmann has inspired and helped students to easily approach the complicated and new “Business” topic.

All “startup” groups presented their business ideas and called for “capital” from Mr. John. With only 3 short minutes, groups of Vinsers successfully convinced “investor” John Dohrmann by their negotiation skill and English language proficiency.

“I am very surprised and impressed by the unique and creative ideas of Vinschool students,” said Mr. John Dohrmann at the end of the lesson, “Though they are only Secondary students and Business is a difficult topic, they have very positive learning spirit and present their ideas very clearly. I am also impressed by their confidence in English language and negotiation skills.”

“I have learned a lot about the concept of business, the lesson helped me know how to apply the necessary skills I have learned, for example, it is necessary to have a specific plan and specify the advantages and disadvantages before implementing a project,” said Khanh Phuong, class 9B1, Vinschool The Harmony Secondary School.

Through these classes and chances of exchanging, in addition to strengthening the knowledge about personal Financial Management, Vinsers also can get familiar with knowledge about startup and fundraising, aiming at an International learning model.


Vinschool Education System has officially signed a memorandum of understanding with Junior Achievement Viet Nam (JA) and Bach Khoa Hanoi Technology Investment and Development One Member Company Limited (BK Holdings) to implement Financial Literacy and Innovation Mindset program for students at Primary, Middle, and High schools. With this program, Vinschool’s students will be equipped with skills and basic knowledge about economics and finance so that they may become more independent in their life and develop innovative thinking when they are at school.

The Financial Literacy and Innovation Mindset Program consists of 03 main areas: (1) Financial literacy: ways to allocate budget and use money effectively, structure and mechanism of financial systems – banks, ways to identify and prevent financial risks, etc. (2) Economic knowledge and entrepreneurship: ways to generate ideas, develop and manage business organizations, mobilize capital investment from investors and banks, etc. (3) Vocational education: ways to build up personal images, set up goals, develop action plans, and write Curriculum Vitaes and offer letters, etc.