Vinsers sharing on the topic of “Who I am today is a collection of choices”

Monday, 07/03/2022, 11:03 (GMT+7)

Let's listen to the sharing from members of the next project: " Who I am today is a collection of choices ", by Vinsers Cung Quynh Khanh Linh and Tran Khanh Ngoc from Vinschool The Harmony High school.

“Our theme is ‘Who I am today is a collection of choices’. Actually, at first we chose a different topic, but afterwards, I thought I should choose the one that is closest to me, about my own choices, and this is also an opportunity to talk about our adventures under the light of psychological science. This may not be a big deal, but it is a story of great spiritual value to us.

Looking back on ourselves, that decision made a huge turning point in our personal growth and pushed us to acquire competencies and skills that we never thought we could reach before. We learned that in life, we need to make firm decisions to get out of our comfort zone. And we realize that life is a series of choices, where individuals can completely create the meaning of life from each of the smallest choices. To find out more, please anticipate our talk in the forum Talk Psychology 2021!

In the process of passing the different rounds of the competition, we learned a lot more about psychological knowledge from the presentations of other groups as well as from the teachers’ suggestions. Besides, I’m also very happy that the teachers respect our differences and our personalities as well as our style, and frankly tell us that we were chosen because of our personality and joviality despite being somewhat arrogant, so we shouldn’t try to copy any other speaker when presenting our story. I’m looking forward to the final round of the contest and I hope everyone will watch and support our team!”

For the first time, Vinschool welcomes the psychology forum TALK PSYCHOLOGY 2021 led by Vinsers, creating opportunities for students at all campuses in the system to practice research, analysis, and field exploration skills. This is complex but also very interesting. Each project in the psychology forum TALK PSYCHOLOGY 2021 is a scientific product formed from the painstaking research, analysis and constant deepening of the knowledge of talented Vinsers.