Vinsers ponder “Are people born good or evil?”

Tuesday, 08/02/2022, 10:02 (GMT+7)

Let's listen to the sharing of the upcoming project: "Are people born good or evil?" by Vinsers Khuc Thuy Anh and Ngo Hoang Phuc of Vinschool The Harmony High School.

“When we hear the theme ‘Born to be or learn to be’, we immediately think of an immortal saying of Confucius: ‘All men are born good.’ Although we understand the rationality of that statement of Confucius, we still can’t help but ask ourselves, do we humans really carry more good than evil? During the course of studying AP Psychology at Vinschool, we have accumulated systematic knowledge and scientific evidence about the inner world of people. Since then, we want to deepen and clarify our knowledge on whether ‘Are humans innately good or evil?’

Every child is a little angel when born, but when they grow up, can their goodness remain intact, or will it be distorted? Parents today always judge their children as unruly and even “unfilial”, but where is the root of this problem? We want to explore the impacts of the surrounding environment on the process of forming and developing the “evil” or “good” tendency of each individual, and thereby give some suggestions and inspirations for parents in the process of raising children.

Because of 4.0 technology development, the factors affecting the formation of children’s perspective on human nature or value will be completely different from what parents have experienced. And to determine what is wrong and what is right, and how each child can find the right path and develop a unique and honest identity with the support of family and society is a question not so easy to answer.

Through the competition rounds, our group has learned a lot in terms of skills such as time management and language use and expression, and at the same time cultivated professional knowledge in psychology along with an in-depth understanding of the directions in the formation and development of human personality. We’re so excited to make it to the final round, and we hope everyone will watch the show and show support!”