Vinsers meet with foreign friends and experts on their virtual trips around the world

Sunday, 22/11/2020, 16:11 (GMT+7)

On November 10th and 11th 2020, Vinsers from all Primary, Secondary and High schools across the Vinschool network attended “borderless classes” – virtually connecting with students and experts from more than 110 countries worldwide in the Microsoft Global Learning Connection 2020.

vinschool microsoft global learning connection

Vinsers from Vinschool Central Park Primary school waving at an expert from India

Vinsers from Vinschool Times City Secondary & High school in a lively discussion with foreign friends
about Vietnamese and Malaysian cultures

During the 48 hours of Microsoft Global Learning Connection, Vinsers met and heard from students and experts from various parts of the world including the UK, the US, Japan, and India. The memories they created are absolutely unforgettable: from the accounts of doctors based in the UK who have been struggling to save lives of COVID-19 patients, to what’s being done in India to protect the environment, to the discoveries of foreign countries’ national costumes, visits to American national forests, and more.

Joining the “borderless classes”, Vinsers certainly embodied the spirit of “Open Hearts. Open Minds”. They were all willing to listen to new perspectives on culture, social issues, technology, and education. The application of technology in teaching and learning has broken down the barriers of distance and language, opening up great opportunities for Vinsers to prepare themselves to become global citizens.

Vinsers from Vinschool Ocean Park Secondary & High school areexcited
about the lesson “National costumes around the world”

 “We were glad to talk to Emma, a health expert in the UK. Our conversations with her gave us better insights into the massive work that the doctors there have to handle during this time of COVID-19 and while their country is in a lockdown. The tireless efforts they have made to save lives help us realize how deadly this global pandemic is and inspire me personally to become a doctor,” shared Minh Khue from Class 5B1, Vinschool The Harmony Primary school.

Vinsers from Vinschool The Harmony Primary school talking to a health expert in the UK

 “The Microsoft Global Learning Connection this year is unforgettable indeed. My students and I “traveled” a distance of 13,789 km to the US to meet the brain behind Minecraft – Mr. Anthony. They all enjoyed the lesson very much, I believe,” shared Ms. Rene Ariska Casper, Teacher at Vinschool Gardenia Primary school.

Vinsers from Vinschool Gardenia Primary school explore Minecraft in their “borderless class”

Distance no longer matters thanks to application of technology in education


Microsoft Global Learning Connection is an annual event held by Microsoft, where Skypes, Microsoft Teams and Flipgrid are employed to connect students around the globe, regardless of geographical distance and language barriers. With coronavirus raging, this year’s event conveys the message “Open Hearts. Open Minds” and expects to encourage optimism, resilience, and empathy.

This is also a wonderful opportunity for students to improve their IT literacy, exchange personal perspectives on global issues, explore cultures, and hone their global citizenship skills.