Vinsers entered the top 20 of the Microsoft Corporation technology competition with the project of applying artificial intelligence in the field of health

Tuesday, 12/04/2022, 13:04 (GMT+7)

“How can errors in medical incidents in examination and diagnosis be minimized?” That is what a group of students at Vinschool Ocean Park High School including Luu Minh Duc, Do Chi Hai, Trieu Truong Phuc, Nguyen Huu Tuan Dung and Dang Huong Giang always ponder.

In developed countries, the rate of patients with injuries related to medical care such as sepsis, infection at the incision, hospital pneumonia, accidents due to mistakes, medical errors, etc. accounts for about 6-15%. In developing countries, this rate may be even higher, but for Vietnam, the number of medical incidents per year is still unknown. This prompted young students at Vinschool Ocean Park to research and analyze the flaws in patient treatment and come up with solutions through artificial intelligence based on Microsoft technology.

“How can errors in medical incidents in examination and diagnosis be minimized?” That is what the student groups of Vinschool Luu Minh Duc, Do Chi Hai, Trieu Truong Phuc, Nguyen Huu Tuan Dung and Dang Huong Giang have always pondered.

According to Vinsers, the current problem is that doctors are all diagnosing diseases based on their own capabilities and experience. In particular, medical doctors in Vietnam have to examine more than 50 patients every day, have to operate many cases, and bear many other pressures, so the possibility of errors or ignoring the problems of patients is prone to happen. To improve this condition, 5 Vinsers from Vinschool Ocean Park have developed a system that compiles health records while monitoring the heart rate, step rate, and daily blood pressure of patients, thereby identifying and diagnosing diseases early, especially those that are difficult to diagnose at an early stage such as cancer. The system uses all of Microsoft’s Application Programming Interface (API) APIs, which is built on phone and tablet applications so that doctors and patients can easily log in and use. This is also the project that Vinsers have launched to participate in the Imagine Cup Junior, Microsoft’s technology playground for students around the world.

List of the 20 best teams of the creative cup competition – Imagine Cup Junior Vietnam 2022

The inspiration to do good for the community of Vinsers, and the potential for application in real life of the project, has helped these students overcome more than 300 teams from across the country and rank in the top 20 best ideas in Vietnam. They will now begin to attend the global round on March 23. With this impressive achievement, Vinser Huong Giang, a member of the team shared, “The application of technology will help medicine develop and support both patients and doctors more effectively. Instead of implementing artificial intelligence in the field of preventive medicine, I want to experiment with clinical medicine based on suggestions and guidance from teachers. I hope that my team’s products will make positive changes to the health sciences in Vietnam, and I hope that we will learn a lot when participating in the competition with friends from Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East in the world qualifiers.”


Imagine Cup Junior is an open playground of Imagine Cup – a technology innovation competition organized annually by Microsoft to promote the creative thinking of millions of students around the world in the field of information technology, helping them apply the latest technologies to create products, solutions and applications in real life. Over the past 20 years, more than 2 million students from more than 100 countries and territories have applied to join the Imagine Cup.