Vinsers’ Diary: 6-month process of running a nationwide contest

Monday, 07/03/2022, 14:03 (GMT+7)

Vinser Nguyen Chi An, a member of the Organizing Board of Innovative Marketers, said, “We members of the Organizing Board of the contest faced innumerable difficulties in the process of planning and running it, but we are all proud of the achievements.”

Innovative Marketers is a contest presided over and organized by Vinsers from the Business Club – The VZNIS of Vinschool Times City High school, with the goal of attracting, looking for and training young talents in the field of marketing. Following the success of the first season held in 2020, the second season of Innovative Marketers was organized in September 2021 with the final theme of developing a communication plan for the Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix in Hanoi in 2025.

The contest led by Vinsers has attracted more than 300 contestants from all over the country, who left deep impressions on the audience with their vast knowledge about marketing, their rigorous arguments, and their persuasive presentations. 

We would like to send our warmest congratulations to the winning teams:  

  • The First prize: The Hobbit from Le Quy Don High School for the Gifted, Da Nang city 
  • The Second prize: BabySharks from Phung Khac Khoan High School, Hanoi
  • The Third prize: Encyclopedia from Luong The Vinh High School for the Gifted, Dong Nai province 
  • The Promising prize: Namaste from Nguyen Sieu High School, Hanoi, and LVCampaign from Luong Van Chanh High School, Phu Yen province 

Chi An, who directly participated in the organization of Innovative Marketers, said, “The final round of the Innovative Marketers is also the final of our 6-months period of hard work. During these 6 months, we had to learn how to do “everything” at the same time, from brainstorming ideas for the contest, preparing the questions and supervising the contest, to doing logistics work. I also had a great opportunity as a student to directly contact and even work with leading marketing experts in Vietnam. It was a really special experience for me. I will always look back at myself to overcome my weakness and further develop my skills.”

According to Vinser Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Anh, a member of the contest Organizing Board, “I am really grateful for having had the opportunity to run the contest over the last 6 months. It has been an experience that has helped me change myself and improve my leadership skills, work and time management skills, and relationship management skills, enabling me to run the contest effectively. I also learned a lot from the super excellent, super talented and super lovely “co-workers” with whom I had the opportunity to work during these 6 months.”

The exciting atmosphere of the grand final, the satisfaction of both the audience and the Jury, and most importantly, the maturity of the contestants, are the greatest successes to the Organizing Board of Innovative Marketers 2021. Let’s learn more about the Vinsers’ 6-month journey of organizing the contest via these following photos.

Behind a successful season are ceaseless efforts of the Organizing Board members, who are extremely talented Vinsers!
Continuous “brainstorming” days for the best-laid plan.
Some members shined on stage…
…while others were silently working behind the scenes, making sure that every step would take place smoothly.
A successful season closed with different shades of emotions!


Innovative Marketers undertakes the mission of looking for talented young people who can apply their knowledge and creativity to the field of marketing. The contest has been held with the desire to motivate young people and potential contestants to cross their limits and try new things. By participating in Innovative Marketers, candidates will have the opportunity to learn and sharpen the skills essential for the “Gen Z” of the Marketing 4.0 era, at the same time finding the right direction for themselves in the future. 

Find out more about Innovative Marketers and comment of journalist Truong Anh Ngoc, who has taken part in the contest for two seasons as a juryman here.