More “playgrounds” for GenZ like “Innovative Marketers” needed

Saturday, 08/01/2022, 20:01 (GMT+7)

Participating in “Innovative Marketers” held by Vinsers for two consecutive seasons as a jury member, journalist Truong Anh Ngoc said that it is necessary to create more academic playgrounds for students, especially in the context that the world in which GenZ is living is constantly changing.

“Innovative Marketers” is a Marketing competition hosted and organized by the students from the Business Club of Vinschool Times City High school. The contest, which is held on the national scale, is a playground for finding and nurturing young talents in the field of Marketing. Participating in “Innovative Marketers”, candidates will have the opportunity to learn and improve the necessary skills of the Marketing 4.0 era, while at the same time find the right path for them to take in the future.

The first season of the contest was well-known across the country, attracting contestants from many provinces and cities. Following the success, the second season of “Innovative Marketers” attracted 133 teams with 399 contestants from the North to the South. After 2 thrilling qualifying rounds, 5 excellent teams from Dong Nai, Phu Yen, Da Nang, and Hanoi were chosen for the final round starting from mid-December.

The teams presented their marketing ideas for the Formula 1 Car Race in Hanoi in 2025. The topic is not as easy as it seems, especially for students aged 14 to 17, who love Marketing but have never been trained in this field. With the enthusiastic support of the mentors who are Marketing students, the candidates imagined that the pandemic is over, and Vingroup is bringing Formula 1 back to Vietnam. They have come up with a great deal of interesting solutions and analyzed a lot of potential risks, convincing the jury members with their strong arguments and confidence.

The jury members of the competition, including journalists, lecturers majoring in Marketing, editors, heads of the Marketing Department of businesses, etc. were extremely impressed with the academic competition hosted by the students.

On his personal page, journalist Truong Anh Ngoc, who has watched many Formula 1 races all over the world, exclaimed, “How brilliant our children are!” He said, “The kids were not unrealistic at all when researching the target subjects of the F1 car race and whether it suits the market and the preferences of the Vietnamese people. Let’s not talk about the feasibility of those campaigns because they are still high school students who have little knowledge about Marketing. What makes the program interesting is that it is like career guidance for the kids to prepare for the entrance exam to university. No one cares whether their ideas are right or wrong, viable or not. What’s important is that the kids can express themselves and voice their opinions about such a huge marketing campaign.”

Anh Ngoc, who spent many years studying in countries with advanced education, shared his point of view: “Large-scale academic playgrounds for students are still new in Vietnam. Vinschool has taken the lead and created a trend, bringing interesting playgrounds to students across the country. Such playgrounds should be replicated and organized regularly to help students practice self-study and develop necessary skills via teamwork projects, increase their confidence, develop their thinking, give them the opportunity to deepen their knowledge, conduct research, and present and defend their points of view.”