Vinsers’ affirmation: “Every child is born a special and unique identity”

Wednesday, 22/12/2021, 08:12 (GMT+7)

Let’s move to the next project: “Every child is born a special and unique identity” and listen to the sharing of its member - Tran Thanh Ha from Vinschool Times City High School.

“People always think that they are special and unique, but they do not really know why. Some people are even too self-deprecating that they consider themselves as an inferior copy of someone else. I myself have also wondered “Am I the only ‘me’ among more than 7 billion people in the world?” Through Vinschool’s first Psychology Forum, I wanted to analyze the compositions of a human, thereby proving that each of us is a special, independent and unique identity in this world.

At the beginning, I thought that with my general knowledge I could easily convince everyone to agree with me that every human being is a unique identity of themselves. However, in the process of researching and summarizing, I realized that there were still too many things that I didn’t know, and too many layers of knowledge that I couldn’t reach. Apart from knowledge, I have also learnt to become more perseverant and to master necessary soft skills.

As a newbie in the field of Psychology, I still have immature thinking about the world. I am grateful to the teachers from the Academic Counseling Office and the AP Psychology instructors for enthusiastically helping me overcome difficulties and giving me the opportunities to realize my weaknesses and to improve myself.”

A psychology forum entitled TALK PSYCHOLOGY 2021 has been held for the first time at Vinschool. The event led by Vinsers is aimed at creating opportunities for all the students in the education system to practice research and analysis skills, and explore this complex but also interesting field at the same time. Each project in TALK PSYCHOLOGY 2021 is a psychological scientific product developed by talented Vinsers with the ceaseless efforts to do research and analyses in the hope of deepening their knowledge about the complex but interesting field.