Vinsers achieved impressive Cambridge ICGSE results

Monday, 07/09/2020, 10:09 (GMT+7)

Despite the worldwide impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Grade 10 Vinsers enrolled in the Advanced program have passed the Cambridge IGCSE exams with flying colors. They are the very first Vinsers to complete the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum.

According to the latest results from the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) on an A*- G grading scale:

  • 100% of Vinsers passed the Cambridge IGCSE exams
  • 62.8% of the grades were A and A*, with 196 A*’s in total
  • No Vinsers’ exam papers were graded G.

In particular, 27 Vinsers got A – A*’s in all exams: ESL, Math, Co-ordinated Sciences, Global Perspectives, and ICT; and 10 of them got straight A*’s.

Cambridge IGCSE results are globally recognized and transferable to high schools and university preparation programs worldwide. These achievements are worth the efforts Vinsers have made over the past 2 school years. It should be highlighted that the COVID-19 pandemic largely affected the second half of the last school year, yet online classes were rapidly conducted to prevent interruption in student learning.

Congratulations go to all Vinschool students, parents and teachers!