Vinser answered the question “Why do we often overestimate our true self-worth?”

Wednesday, 15/12/2021, 09:12 (GMT+7)

Each project participating in the psychology forum TALK PSYCHOLOGY 2021 is a scientific product formed from the painstaking research, analysis, and constant knowledge deepening of talented Vinsers.

Let’s listen to the members’ sharing in the upcoming project: “Why do we often overestimate our true self-worth?” by Vinser Nguyen Ho Yen Nhi from Vinschool Central Park High School.

“Based on the situations that often happen with students, people around me, and even myself, I always have a question: Why do we always want to be perfect in front of everyone, always wearing a flawless cover even though that cover is far from our true self?

To clarify the topic, I have researched the definitions, behaviours, characteristics, and explanations of the phenomenon based on psychological theories and existing research papers. For the first time I had the opportunity to thoroughly research the topic of Behavioral Psychology, Skinner’s theories and experiments, and how to recognize “who I am” through the “Circle of Self-Concept”. Not only that, in order to connect with the central topic, the topic also required me to give real-life examples and practical connections in order to prove that “self-overestimation” originated from Learn to be or Born to be.

Through the process of implementing the project, I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in Psychology as well as learn more interesting theories outside the program. In addition, I was able to train in skills such as research, analysis – synthesis, listening, feedback and receiving feedback. But for me, the biggest lesson I gained was presentation skills, an extremely important skill for both my studies and my future. Through the review rounds, especially in the final round, thanks to the comments of the teachers in the Council and the observation of other candidates’ performances, I have synthesized for myself a “chain” of presentation tips, which not only supports my final exam but also applies to all other subjects at Vinschool.”