“Vinschool has raised my intense desire to prove myself. I want to maximize my knowledge, experiences, and skills to promote a proactive, integrated learning culture and national pride at Vinschool. I will prove that a Vietnamese student can become a global citizen, a talented leader in my homeland.”

Shared by Nguyen Tue Minh – 1 of 23 excellent students who received a full scholarship from Vinschool, in the 2019 – 2020 Vinschool – VinUni Scholarship program.

After 3 rigorous rounds of evaluation and selection, Vinschool awarded the first full scholarships under the Vinschool – VinUni Scholarship program to 23 excellent 10th and 11th grade students from around the country.

Vinschool – VinUni Scholarship is an annually granted scholarship designed to attract and foster talents which began with the school year of 2019-2020 and offers a long-term roadmap from high school to university. A maximum of 25 full scholarships are offered to students at Vinschool High School and a maximum of 10 scholarships (between 50% and 100% each) are offered at VinUni University.

Participating in the Vinschool – VinUni Scholarship program, the students not only have the opportunity to receive long-term tuition fee discounts, but they also gain access to highly personalized intensive learning programs, talent development programs and orientation and consultation from experts designed to help them meet the rigorous selection criteria of VinUni.


254 students nationwide apply for admission
173 applications met the requirements, passed to Round 2 – Qualification test
56 students passed to Round 3 – Interview.
23 excellent students were awarded scholarships, of which:

    • 5/23 students are from Vinschool
    • ~90% of the remaining students are from gifted schools




“My dream is to become a doctor”

I have always had a keen interest in the health of women and children. For me, to become a doctor, especially an obstetrician, seeing and supporting the birth of children is a sacred moment, an honor of the profession. Taking care of and raising awareness of reproductive health for women & children is my life mission.

It is my honor to receive this prestigious scholarship. This will be a great opportunity for me to participate in training courses to develop my own strengths, and to design a career-oriented learning pathway and consult with professors & top academic experts at VinUni University.

Ho Quynh Anh – Vinschool Times City High School


“Vinschool has raised my intense desire to prove myself.”

When I first arrived at Vinschool three years ago, I didn’t know that this would be such an important milestone in my academic life. Vinschool stirred my intense desire to prove myself. I learned how to challenge myself and actively open new doors. Thanks to those changes, I am thankfully now among those  students who have received the Vinschool – VinUni scholarship. I hope to maximize accumulation of knowledge and skills and promote the active learning culture, integration and national pride offered by Vinschool. With this opportunity, I will confidently prove that a Vietnamese student can become a global citizen, a talented leader in my homeland.

Nguyen Tue Minh – The Harmony Vinschool High School


“I just want to help students around me and spread good values to the community.”

Maybe I am not the best student, but I always dare to dream, dare to do it, and constantly move forward and am never afraid to challenge myself. I just want to help the students around me and spread good values to the community. The Vinschool – VinUni Scholarship program will make my dream come true.

Tran Thuy Duong – Hung Yen Gifted High School

Wednesday, 07/08/2019, 18:08 (GMT+7)