Vinschool students participate in the STEM project sponsored by Vingroup

Sunday, 30/06/2019, 16:06 (GMT+7)

Joining other prestigious high schools nationwide, including Ha Noi Amsterdam, Thang Long, Tran Dai Nghia school for the gifted (HCM), Ha Tinh school for the gift, etc … Vinschool high school is among 20 high schools nationwide selected to apply the STEM curriculum project as sponsored by Vingroup and VinUni.

The program’s core goal is to equip students with knowledge and skills in science, engineering, technology as well as developing and nurturing the necessary skills and values of global citizens of the 21st century: critical thinking, creativity, public speaking, presentation, and teamwork skills. VinGroup is rolling out the STEM curriculum for its high schools nationwide. As part of this initiative, VinGroup will sponsor the S3 Innovation Academy to pilot the teaching of a STEM curriculum in 20 high schools through the introduction of STEM clubs for 10th and 11th graders. Vinschool has selected 30 students with a passion for science to take part in the Vinschool Club. The club will pursue 3 research projects in areas such as Sensors and data, smart agriculture, Nano-technology and life sciences, robotics and automated vehicles, math and arts.

Van Khanh, a student in class 10A1 of Vinschool Times City High School proudly shared following her first STEM lesson: “Out of the 5 STEM topics, I’m most interested in smart agriculture. Vietnam is an agricultural country, and Industry 4.0 is also growing very rapidly. I think this topic will be highly applicable. Today’s lesson was very useful and has encouraged my passion and interest in STEM. It is an inspiration to do many things that will benefit the community”.

Van Khanh and friends make sound sensors and obstacles for the first time.
Under the topic Robotics and Automated Vehicles, students are taught basic programming and greatly enjoy the new experience. Anh Quan shared: “Since I was little, I have been impressed with robots on TV. Today, I was able to program a robot to move by myself. I can’t believe it!”.

Taking part in the club, students are provided instructions by STEM-experienced university instructors and teachers. Students are also introduced to lessons on Start-up culture by start-up professionals.

Associate Prof. Ph.D. Le Cu Linh, Director of Health Science at VinUni talks to students about Health Science.


Ph.D. Tran Phuong Lan, Director of Business – Manager at VinUni talks to Vinsers about Business.

Students are also given the opportunity to take part in a mini contest, where the best products from students’ projects will be presented at the STEM Festival on June 30th, 2019 in Ha Noi. The team that wins first place is awarded a trip to Singapore to take part in a 4-day trip to Google’s Science Center at Nanyang Technology University.