Vinschool Kindergarten now exists in Thanh Hoa

Monday, 01/03/2021, 17:03 (GMT+7)

Vinschool Kindergarten has arrived in Thanh Hoa, meeting parents’ expectations. As the application for the 2021-2022 school year has begun, local kids have an opportunity to receive world-class education and grow with the support of our professionally trained teachers.

The International Preschool Curriculum (IPC), Vinschool’s learning environment, and healthy diet for kids were introduced to local parents in the recent Admissions & Experiential Workshop held by Vinschool in Thanh Hoa City. Hundreds of parents and kids aged between 18 months and 5 years old took part in the event and experienced Vinschool’s classes surrounding 6 content learning areas, namely Math, Language Arts, Socio-Emotional Skills, Creative Arts, Sciences, and Motor and Physical Development.

Here are a few words from Ms. Nguyen Hoai Thu, a parent attending the workshop in Thanh Hoa: “What I love about Vinschool is that it cares about and respects the individual development of each child and does not require them to follow a set pattern”.

Ms. Bui Thi Thuy Hang, Principal of Vinschool Star City Kindergarten in Thanh Hoa, added: “With exclusive implementation of the IPC in Vietnam, Vinschool promises to create a world-class learning environment for the kids in Thanh Hoa. Many countries with progressive education agree that the curriculum is of high quality, and we’ve heard from lots of Vinschool parents that their children have made progress thanks to it”.

Vinschool exclusively launches the IPC in Vietnam

The IPC thematic unit “Dinosaurs” not only brought laughter to the experiential learners but also sharpened their observation, motor, and thinking skills. Mr. Trinh Tri Hiep, parent of an experiential learner, said: “The school offers more than just childcare services. It provides preschoolers with a quality curriculum that lays a good foundation for their later years”.

After getting involved in the activity “Counting dinosaur footprints”, a 5-year-old experiential learner reviewed how to count from 1 to 10 in English with Teacher Damian

Vinschool Education System has exclusively launched the IPC in Vietnam since 2017. This curriculum, recognized by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) as well as many prestigious educational institutions in the US, UK and Singapore, has been successfully implemented at more than 200 schools in 6 continents with over 10 million enrolled students.

Ms. Zoé Marie Brachet, Director of Preschool Education at Vinschool, shared with parents who attended the Admissions & Experiential Workshop that the IPC would be taught at Vinschool Star City

School safety and nutritional balance are given top priority

Parents agreed that Vinschool Star City Kindergarten has a safe learning environment as they toured the school. Located in Vinhomes Star City urban area, an ideal living space with fresh air and safety-security measures in place around the clock, it sets very clear school safety & security and food safety standards. Classrooms, hallways and other areas across the campus are monitored by security cameras and kept under close watch by the inspection teams from Vinschool and Vingroup.

The student toilet, specially designed to suit kids’ height, is located separately from the adults’ toilet
Classroom, hallway and other areas across the campus are monitored by security cameras 24/7

Besides school safety, Vinschool Star City Kindergarten is concerned about nutritional balancing and food safety & hygiene for kids. Developed by a nutrition expert, the kids’ menus offer diverse and appetizing dishes, ensuring sufficient energy and micronutrients for different age groups.

Nutrition expert – Assoc. Prof., Dr. Bui Thi Nhung’s sharing about the nutritional balancing plan for Vinsers captured much attention of lots of parents in Thanh Hoa 

Dedicated, child-loving, and professionally trained teachers

“Friendly”, “pleasant”, and “professional” were what parents had to say about the teachers at Vinschool Star City Kindergarten. Vinschool has very stringent teacher recruitment and training standards. To become teachers at Vinschool Star City Kindergarten, all applicants have to go through a strict recruitment process and succeed in the entrance test, the interview, and finally the demo teaching session before the Board of Education. Vinschool only selects those who ideally match the position – they are highly qualified, virtuous, and devoted teachers.

All Vinschool teachers are highly qualified, virtuous, dedicated, and professionally trained on IPC

Situated in Vinhomes Star City urban area (Le Loi Boulevard, Dong Hai Ward, Thanh Hoa City), Vinschool Star City Kindergarten is equipped with modern facilities that fully meet the kids’ demand for learning and leisure.

Vinschool Star City Kindergarten, situated in Vinhomes Star City urban area (Dong Hai Ward, Thanh Hoa City), is expected to enter operation next school year (2021-2022).

Vinschool Star City Kindergarten will officially enter operation by June 2021 and the application is now open for kids aged between 18 months and 5 years. If you are interested in enrolling your child at Vinschool Star City Kindergarten, please register HERE to hear more from us (Hotline: 18006511).

Read more about Vinschool at: https://vinschool.edu.vn/