Vinschool Grand Park Kindergarten officially put into operation

Friday, 16/09/2022, 16:09 (GMT+7)

Vinschool Grand Park Kindergarten officially went into operation in Ho Chi Minh City on September 5, 2022, welcoming the first cohort of 600 Vinsers.

The school, located in Vinhomes Grand Park, an urban area in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, provides for its students an airy learning space.

Vinschool Grand Park Kindergarten is equipped with a system of modern classrooms, playgrounds, function rooms such as: a library, a multi-purpose room, a soft play area, etc., which meet the needs of students for learning, playing and a variety of experiences.

The outdoor playground is a great space for students to participate in interesting activities to experience and explore nature.
The library space is friendly, decorated and its shelves hold hundreds of English and Vietnamese books, helping to nurture children’s reading habits from an early age.
The indoor Soft-play area, equipped with safe toys, is a favorite space for many children.
The Art Room is fully equipped with musical instruments and basic costumes for children to practice dancing or acting, and with make up for creative art lessons.

On the first day at school, the children were welcomed with fun magic performances. They could also participate in exciting experiential activities such as magic ice cream sticks, 3D puzzles, nature paintings, sensory mazes, and many fun and healthy sports games, which helped them to quickly adapt and integrate into the new environment.

“Not only our son, but also our whole family are excited today. The school prepared everything carefully with many activities which fascinated our child and helped him to easily fit in”, shared a happy parent. “We’ve learnt about Vinschool and found it suits our criteria for a kindergarten for our child. It helps him grow freely. That’s why we decided to send him to this school,” she added.

With the goal of teaching according to output standards, focusing on developing students’ abilities, Vinschool Grand Park Kindergarten is an ideal environment for students to explore and develop their mindset in the first years of their life.