Vinschool calls upon tens of thousands of parents and students to join the “30-day running challenge” for health and for the community

Thursday, 05/03/2020, 17:03 (GMT+7)

On February 19, Vinschool launched the kick-off event of EDURUN 2020 called “the 30-day running challenge” for tens of thousands of parents, students, and employees across the whole system. EDURUN 2020 set the goal of achieving a total distance run of 2 million kilometers, contributing VND3 billion to the EDURUN Charity Fund.

Held by the Vinschool Education System since 2015 to promote physical exercise for health, education and the community, EDURUN attracts tens of thousands of participants every year and helps spread the message of compassion. From the EDURUN proceeds worth VND6.9 billion collected over the years, many classrooms and schools have been built in the most underprivileged parts of Son La, Quang Tri and Dien Bien provinces.

With the theme “I race, You race, Education wins”, EDURUN 2020 will be held in 3 locations: Hanoi, Hai Phong, and Ho Chi Minh City.

EDURUN brings together thousands of students and families and many companies, organizations, and celebrities to spread the spirit of compassion.

Besides the offline running event, EDURUN 2020 engages the participants with “the 30-day running challenge with Vinschool”.

Kick start your healthy lifestyle

In addition to its profound meaning: Run for Education – Run for the Community, the event raises people’s awareness of the importance of physical exercise and motivates them to overcome their limits and make exercise a daily habit for better health.

Each participant will be given an iRace account which is required to be connected to their Strava account on their electronic device in order to have their daily steps counted.

Right on its launch day, the running challenge attracted nearly 1,000 Vinschool parents, students, and employees with the total distance run of almost 3,000km.

Host Thu Huong of 24h Reporting, also a parent of a Vinser, joined the 30-day running challenge with her family in the early morning.

Giving underprivileged children better access to school

More than just a running event, EDURUN aims to promote the values of compassion, love, and kindness. With the total kilometers run in each phase (from February 23, 2020 to March 22, 2020) meeting the target, sponsors will donate a corresponding amount of money to the EDURUN Fund. The 30-day challenge aims to attract 30,000 runners with 2 million kilometers run in total and VND3 billion raised for the EDURUN Fund. All the proceeds collected will be spent on building schools for children in underprivileged areas.

More than just a running event, EDURUN aims to promote the values of compassion, love, and kindness.

Through such a meaningful activity to spread compassion, Vinschool and families are joining hands together to develop generation global citizens who are caring and kind, who understand the responsibility they have with their community. Thanks to the event, Vinsers came to realize that “Caring” is not just a slogan. Through practical acts, they will demonstrate that core value and help promote beautiful things in the community.