Vinschool and our commitment to wellbeing

Thursday, 30/09/2021, 16:09 (GMT+7)

Vinschool Education System is committed to continuously improving the quality of education based on the standards of the International Accreditation Framework of the Council of International Schools (CIS). One of the core standards of the accreditation framework is to ensure the quality of student learning, health, and well-being.

So what does the comprehensive development of both learning, as well as the physical and mental health of students mean, and what is Vinschool doing to achieve this goal?

Let’s hear what Ms. Wendy Marie Parry, Principal of Vinschool Golden River Primary & Secondary School, says about this.


 As a Principal who is quite close to the students, Ms. Wendy believes that these standards are the basis for conducting physical and mental health assessments, helping to make a significant contribution to the continuous improvement and innovation of pedagogical methods to ensure students’ happiness in learning.

To measure this, Vinschool regularly conducts surveys on the well-being of students. This index depends on many factors including: respecting choices, encouraging goal setting, meaningful achievements, positive relationships, enjoyment of learning, personal growth, and health and safety. In fact, students with a high well-being index are more likely to achieve better academically, as well as have a positive impact on the community. 

Students’ well-being is the result of many factors linking school and home life. The school must be a safe environment, ensure connectivity, engage students in learning, and promote social and emotional skills.


According to the expectations of the Council of International Schools (CIS), “The school environment is characterized by openness, fairness, trust, and mutual respect to support student learning related to well-being”.

Pursuing that goal, all campuses from preschool to high school in the Vinschool Education System develop comprehensive approaches that combine high quality learning and a focus on student health to create a happy school.

Vinschool policies which relate to the quality of learning and teaching and child protection (including anti-bullying and global citizenship) have all been reviewed based on international standards and best practices. From there, we provide an appropriate application for Vinschool, such as:

  • Teaching Character & Life Skills Education (CLISE), which contributes to improving learning results and refining Vinsers’ characters.
  • Establish Student Councils, where students can contribute to the school’s activities as well as develop leadership skills through self-organizing events.
  • Continuous training and supervision to ensure student safety and well-being starts during the safe recruitment process. These procedures are put in place to employ Vinschool teachers and staff who are thereafter regularly trained to understand our “Child Safety” expectations. In particular, Vinschool has recently become the first Education System in Vietnam to partner with a global Child Safeguarding platform to provide specialized online courses for our staff focusing on such topics as: “What is Child Protection?”, “Types of Abuse”, “What Causes a Concern”, “How You Should Act Around Children” and “Reporting and Responsibilities”. The learning content is available in both Vietnamese and English.  Whilst Vinschool does not publicize much of this work, it nonetheless plays an extremely important role in the process of implementing our commitment to student safety and well-being.


Vinschool has established a School Psychology Office, providing support for students. Teachers rely on that to develop approaches to better care, helping students make positive progress in the learning process. This also helps to strengthen the relationship between teachers and students, creating motivation for the teaching and learning process.

Ms. Wendy has found that when raised in this caring environment, Vinsers themselves always show care and support for each other, not only in school, but also in life in general. They have a sense of personal growth, respect, and appreciate the help of others.


It has been 18 months since we began to face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, there have been challenges to the learning process and digital transformation has proved imperative for uninterrupted teaching and learning. However, what Vinschool will never change is our commitment to high-quality education as well as ensuring the happiness and safety of all students, across each of our campuses in the Vinschool Education System.

Every student has obstacles on their academic journey, but even in these challenging times Vinsers have achieved some impressive successes, achieving good scores on their IGCSE exams, gaining many scholarships from universities and colleges worldwide, and winning medals in national and international competitions.

 In the digital transformation age, Vinschool also includes “Safety on the Internet” in the IT curriculum for students.

*ChildSafeguarding.com was founded in 2019 by leading experienced education experts from international schools, is the only organization in the world that offers online child protection courses, committed to preventing acts of child abuse. ChildSafeguarding.com was designed specifically to meet the learning needs of support staff in schools. Its Child Safeguarding Awareness Course is internationally certified and available in more 20 languages. Every year a portion of the profits is donated by Child Safeguarding to support victims affected by this behavior.