The Jury members of the “Viconomics Economic Forum” have some secret reveals just for you!

Tuesday, 29/03/2022, 10:03 (GMT+7)

The "Economic Forum - Covinomics: Challenges and Opportunities", organised for the first time at Vinschool, will be the platform for Vinsers at the High School level throughout the system to forge the ability to study, analyze and explore the field of economics. At the forum, Vinsers will have the opportunity to discuss and exchange knowledge with Economics experts and leading business representatives in the country. We would like to invite parents and students to consult Mr. Pham Thanh Hung about the Economics subject currently implemented at Vinschool, as well as information about the Covinomics Economic Forum. He is currently a lecturer at Foreign Trade University - Coordinator of Economics, Vinschool Education System.

Q: At Vinschool, Vinsers in grades 11-12 have the opportunity to register for Advance Placement courses in more than 50 subjects offered by the school, such as Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Psychology, and Computer Science. Can you tell us what attracts Vinschool students about economics? How will having access to this subject now in High School help students in the learning process of this subject at the next level?

A: What appeals to Viners when participating in Economics is that the course is based on the well-designed curriculum of Advanced Placement (AP) Economics, taught by lecturers from prestigious universities in the country. The learning environment is in a highly academic environment that maximizes students’ abilities to self-study and self-research.

Knowledge in economics as well as most social sciences in general is not too heavy on the mechanical or correctness. What is thought to be true must often be accompanied by certain contexts, conditions or assumptions, as well as associated with the development of society and human cognition.

The most important thing when studying economics is to develop thinking and reasoning skills and to be able to make judgments about issues that have been and will be in the economy based on a system of principles formed and developed by the science of economics.

Economics is a science that is both specialized and  formal, and is well-associated with the reality of life. It is one of the founding subjects of many majors chosen by students at the next level, such as Economics, Management, Business, Finance, etc. Graduating in Economics will be an ideal stepping stone for students after graduating from High School to integrate and keep pace with their studies and research in the University environment.

Mr. Pham Thanh Hung – Lecturer of Foreign Trade University – Coordinator of Economics, Vinschool Education System

Q: As a member of the Advisory Council as well as the Jury, can you “reveal” the differences that students will experience through the playground “Economic Forum – Covinomics: Challenges and Opportunities”?

A: Covinomics Economic Forum is a playground that enhances students’ experiences with economics as well as the economic issues they are interested in, allowing Vinsers to receive knowledge and understand more deeply about economics. The Covinomics Economic Forum is not about essays or dry reports. At this playground, students are shown their learned knowledge of Economics as well as their own research process through the very creative form of producing an Economics newsletter. This will make the process of learning and researching active and exciting. In addition to the knowledge of economics, they will also be trained in many teamwork skills, aiming at the image of “digital citizens”, which will be dynamic and enable students to use multimedia content proficiently. They will have the opportunity to train, guide and exchange,  meeting with the editors in charge of the economic newsletter of VTV,  along with economic experts and prestigious lecturers of major universities.

Thank you! Parents and students should follow updates on “Covinomics: Challenges and Opportunities” published on Vinschool’s media channels in the coming time.


“Economic Forum – Covinomics: Challenges and Opportunities”


The teams developed the Economic Bulletin video script, which is 3 – 5 minutes in length. The theme of Round 1: The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Vietnam’s economy.


The 8 best scripts are recorded, filmed and posted on the Vinschool Student Council fanpage.


5 teams with the best video newsletters will discuss and interact directly with leading Economics experts and business representatives. The forum will be broadcast live on the official fan page of Vinschool.