The journey to spread a reading culture at the Vinschool Book Fair

Friday, 04/01/2019, 14:01 (GMT+7)

With the support and contributions of more than 20 prestigious Bookstores and Publishing Houses, activities at the Vinschool Book Fair 2018 attracted numerous parents and students, and continue tospread the good values of a reading culture to Vinsers and the community.

With the theme “Vietnamese Price – Global Mind”, the Vinschool Book Fair 2018 is the highlight of various activities that aims to promote a reading culture of Vinschool students, which is continuously built and developed throughout the school year. This is the fifth time this meaningful event is held.

From the early morning, many students and parents have come to the Vinschool Book Fair and get ready for the journey to spread the reading culture. With the contribution of many prestigious Publishing Houses like Kim Dong and Bookstores like Nha Nam, Dinh Ti, Fahasa, etc. students had chances to find many interesting and useful books to support their learning.

Especially, the single-price book booth named “Trao sách gửi yêu thương” (“Sharing Book – Sharing Love”) attracted many students. All books were contributed by Vinsers, which are categorized to sell at the same price to raise funds and contribute to Vinschool’s Charity Funds.

Many visitors also engaged in the area of Vinsers’ reading products such as “Bookmarks made by Vinsers,” “Creative book covers,” “Quotes about books,” etc. All of them were created during Book Fair weeks. The most excellent products were evaluated and awarded by the Board of Organizers on Book Fair day.

“Slow down to read a book,” “Many people are queuing to get books, why don’t you?” “Please follow the regulations at book reading spaces,” etc. were some of the signboards containing different messages that were “raised” by Vinsers to create one civilized Vinschool Book Fair. This also made a good impression on visitors.

Besides exciting activities at the Book Fair and Book Review activity, excellent novels and stories by teachers caught the attention of parents and students.

Each Vinschool teacher is an ambassador to inspire students and help them develop their reading culture. Book Review is an occasion for teachers to share their favorite books with parents, colleagues, and students. Commenting on the book “Goals!” by Brian Tracy, Mr. Phan Anh – Director of Northern Secondary and High Schools at Vinschool Education System, said: “Each of us has our own goals in life. As parents or teachers, we all have the same noble goal to pursue, that is: helping and directing our children and students to reach positive goals. This book will be like a tool or a friend with a positive impact on what we are doing and help us achieve our goal.”

To build reading habits in children, parents play an important role in accompanying their children. The storytelling competition was enthusiastically cheered and participated by parents. Making her way to the final round, Ms. Thai Ninh whose child is studying at Vinschool Times City Primary School said, “I feel this competition in particular and the Book Fair, in general, is interesting and meaningful. This is a great opportunity for parents to collaborate with school to spread the reading culture among students. Especially, those activities help me and my child have more time to get closer to each other.”

Participating in the oratorical contest of this year’s Book Fair, Vinsers have presented their viewpoints on their favorite book quotes. Through what they have learned and experienced, especially through the daily habit of reading books, students have developed their positive viewpoints, thereby spreading the good living perspectives to others.

As the author of many famous documentary films and winner of a noble award, Ms. Molly Ferrill had a talk show to exchange with students and Vinsers parents in the Book Fair 2018. Ms. Molly Ferrill is a world-famous photographer, writer, and documentary filmmaker about the environment, culture, and tourism. Through the journeys in her lively stories, Ms. Molly wants to deliver to parents and students the message of environmental and animal protection as well as taking care our planet.

Attending the Vinschool Book Fair 2018, parents and students were eager for the “Ring the Golden Bell” game show. This is the occasion for Vinsers and their parents to get closer and collaborate to conquer the challenges through answering many questions related to academic and social knowledge.

The “specialty” of Vinschool in each Book Fair is the art performances presented by Vinsers. “Musical Play” and “Book Rhythm” are always the shows that Vinsers and parents eagerly wait for. Once again on the stage of the Vinschool Book Fair, the talents and confidence of Vinschool students were.

With interesting and helpful activities,the Vinschool Book Fair 2018 was a really meaningful event, connecting families with schools to build and develop the habit of reading books for students, thereby spreading the reading culture to other people.

Let’s review memorable moments of the Vinschool Book Fair 2018 in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Hai Phong!

In Hanoi:

In Ho Chi Minh City:

In Hai Phong:


Vinschool Book Fair is the annual event organized by Vinschool Education System to enhance and spread the reading culture. This year, the Vinschool Book Fair 2018 program was organized on 17 November 2018 in Hanoi and on 24 November 2018 in Haiphong and Ho Chi Minh City.

Vinschool Book Fair is not only the place for parents and students to find and buy thousand helpful books, but the event is also the playground for students to show their proactiveness and leadership skill in participating in and leading the activities. In addition, the event also provides useful talk shows and workshops for parents to attend.