Tet Fair in the Vinschool Kindergartens in the Southern region: Spring of love, Spring of warmth

Tuesday, 21/01/2020, 09:01 (GMT+7)

With the theme “Springtime in my hometown”, junior Vinsers from Southern Kindergartens enjoyed unforgettable experiences. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year holiday, these young students took part in exciting traditional games of different ethnic groups from all over the country.

Early on a spring morning, in the cool weather, the children wore lovely traditional costumes like “ao dai” (Vietnamese traditional long dress) and “ao ba ba”(Southern Vietnamese traditional blouse) to the Tet Fair, bringing the colors of spring to their school. As if popping up overnight, the school yard had been secretly decorated with the gorgeous colors of apricot and peach blossoms and filled with a vibrant atmosphere created by the well-prepared traditional games.

In this exciting spring atmosphere, the junior Vinsers were able to discover and experience Vietnamese cultural traditions through traditional games. They enjoyed a taste of rural and community life as seen in different regions of the country. The games like bamboo dance, the blindfold game, ring toss, hopping, and the footbridge challenge attracted a huge number of children. Thanks to these first-hand experiences, our little Vinsers learned more about their nation’s New Year beliefs and traditions. More importantly, they learned to treasure these traditional values in their modern and comfortable life.

The Bamboo dance was one of the kids’ favorite traditional games.
Young Vinser enjoyed playing the game called Drop the ball.
Get blindfolded and strike the gong!
Let’s all catch fish for our mothers to cook fish soup!
The exciting game “Capture the Flag” attracted both Vinsers and teachers.
Carrying watermelons over the footbridge was a big challenge for Vinsers!
It was challenging, yet exciting for Vinser to roll the watermelons to the finish line!
Vinser enjoyed listening to fairy tales about Tet told in a new way, with images projected on screen.

The ball throwing game, the ring toss, and the game of darts helped junior Vinsers enhance their skills and reflexes!
After the motor activities, Vinsers continued with a fine motor game called
Picking beans.

These interesting games and activities allowed Vinsers to spend meaningful time with their friends and teachers. Activities such as making toy figurines, arranging coconut leaves, writing calligraphy, etc. made the kids particularly excited because they could bring their products home as New Year gifts for their parents and grandparents, helping to build their close bonds with and their loved ones.

Only at the Tet Fair can we draw with huge brushes like these!
Vinsers were absorbed in writing messages in calligraphy as gifts for their parents.
Who wants a watch made of coconut leaves?
With teachers’ instructions, Vinsers were able to make lovely toy figurines by themselves.

Vinschool always pays close attention to educating students about traditional cultural heritage so that they will become global citizens who retain their national pride and self-esteem. This is a good way to help students learn more about their traditional New Year celebration, their national origin, and their long-standing culture. These kids will also be armed with the skills they need to communicate with and to treat the people around them with respect. They also learn more about the values of labor, about what they can do at their age, and about the spirit of sharing and loving.

Let’s play the board game and see who wins!

A warm spring is coming, and the unforgettable experiences of this Tet Fair will stay with the kids on their future journey, leaving them with happy memories of their school days at their beloved Vinschool Kindergarten.