Talk Psychology 2022-2023: Vinser shares: “Happiness comes looking for me”

Wednesday, 18/01/2023, 14:01 (GMT+7)

Talk Psychology 2022-2023 is accompanied by the School Academic Office, AP Psychology Program, and School Psychology Office at Vinschool. Each project participating in the forum is a product developed by Vinschool students from extensive psychology research and analysis combined with their own real-life experiences.

“This project is the product of many sleepless nights trying to find my true happiness. But after a day of witnessing the little joys that surrounded young people in difficult circumstances, I realized I had lost so much trying to achieve happiness, while happiness was always right here. Therefore, I would like to spread a little of my experience to my friends.

During the implementation of the project, my biggest challenge is confronting myself. I had been very proud to think that my actions were always right. However, while completing the project, I had to question and discuss with myself to figure out the errors in my own life. Since then, I have gradually recognized my flaws and collated them with daily life to find the problems that society is facing.

Thanks to the dedicated help of Mr. Nguyen Van Minh, a Psychology teacher at Vinschool Imperia, I have learned more about psychology with a more thorough view of society as well as myself. Above all, I would like to thank Talk Psychology 2022-2023 for creating a healthy playground for me to interact and exchange more skills.” Huy Hoang shared about his Talk Psychology project.