Talk Psychology 2022-2023: Vinser answers: “Individual or Community: Happiness for whom?”

Wednesday, 18/01/2023, 15:01 (GMT+7)

Talk Psychology 2022-2023 is accompanied by the School Academic Office, AP Psychology Program, and School Psychology Office at Vinschool. Each project participating in the forum is a product developed by Vinschool students from extensive psychology research and analysis combined with their own real-life experiences.

“Have you ever been reminded that we have to be more concerned about the people around us? But at the same time, there is a saying that before I help others, I have to help myself. Then what exactly is the answer: looking for personal happiness or creating happiness for those around you? Is community happiness or individual happiness more important? Which way is the right way? These were the questions that crossed my mind when I was in high school a few years ago. Seeing my best friends cared so much about others, then at times just wanted to care about themselves, but at the end of the day, no one was entirely happy. That prompted me to look for answers, and up until now, I’ve been tormented by this question. When this year’s psychological forum launched with the theme “Happiness: Created or Found?” I pondered a lot and reflected on whether happiness is found or created, and how it is still closely connected to an entire community. So for myself and my friends, and because our ultimate goal is a happy community, I chose to work on this project.

The biggest difficulty for me, whether in my daily life or this competition, is always the way to communicate my thoughts into words, to arrange them into a meaningful and comprehensive message. I’ve always tried to do my best in this regard. At the same time, with the help of teachers, I have selected theories and evidence to reinforce the main idea of the lesson to come to a meaningful conclusion.

At the forum, I have had the opportunity to spend time and effort to rearrange the thoughts that I have always had. lWhile completing the project, I also learned more about how to express ideas in my head into words and how to use evidence as well as theory to elaborate on them. All thanks to the teachers who helped me get all the way here.” Dam Thang shared about his Talk Psychology project.